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Meagan lives in St. Joseph, MI with her husband Jon and kids Clara, Owen, William, Isaac, and Jacob; who range in age from four to fifteen. Meagan celebrates the art of sane + satisfying family life at her blog The Happiest Home, and shares her ideas on being a happier mom in her book The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets To Enjoying Motherhood, both of which have been hailed as down-to-earth, funny, wise, and helpful.

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3 Reasons Organic Dairy Is Worth It

By Meagan Francis |

A big thanks to YoBaby for sponsoring this series of posts. CLICK HERE for more of this discussion.

Food costs seem to be rising by the day, and it’s rare to find sales and coupons on organic milk, cheese and yogurt, at least at my local small-town grocery. So while I’ve always favored organic dairy in my heart, lately I’ve been wondering if it’s really worth it to spring for organic milk and yogurt – or if I should just grab whatever is on sale.

But after my last trip to the supermarket, I took a close look at my receipts, did some research, considered all the factors, and reminded myself of these three reasons why it’s totally worth it to buy organic dairy:

1. Toxins are stored in fat. Residues from pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics can “hide out” in fat, and whole dairy products - the  kind that babies and kids thrive on – have a lot of it! Organic dairy cows are raised under strict rules that limit their exposure to toxins and are also more humane to the animals. All a good reason to put dairy at the top of the list when it comes to prioritizing organics.

2. Milk, yogurt, eggs and cheese represent a small percentage of our overall food bill. Out of my $150 or so weekly grocery budget, I generally spend less than 10 – 15% in the dairy aisle. While a carton of organic milk may cost 2-3 dollars more than conventional, it still doesn’t significantly increase my food bill, and I can make up for those extra dollars by shopping more carefully in other areas of the store and reducing food waste. And the price difference between conventional and organic yogurt isn’t really that much when you look at the big picture.

3. It just tastes better. Have you ever noticed that conventional milk sometimes tastes like…nothing? And processed yogurt often tastes like fillers and fake sugar? To my taste buds, organic dairy products are just plain yummier, and that alone might be reason enough to pay a little more.

Like this topic? Keep checking back: over the next two weeks, I’ll be delving into humane farming, the nutritiousness of organic versus conventional foods, and also offering strategies for saving money on organic dairy.

If you’re a fan of organic dairy, what are your biggest reasons?

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Meagan Francis

Meagan Francis is a mom of five who loves everyday adventures and is in pursuit of a big life with her big family. Her love of family, food, home and travel fuel her writing here and on her blogs The Happiest Home and The Kitchen Hour.
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4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Organic Dairy Is Worth It

  1. Diane says:

    This is a hot topic. I go back and forth with “organic.” I see some people on the “organic” side of the fence criticize everything “non-organic,” which has to be questioned. There are some wonderful people in organic AND conventional farming who care very much about the consumer – because they are consumers themselves. As a mother, I absolutely want the healthiest food product on my plate. As a non-organic grain farmer, it frustrates me when I see fears perpetuated that are inaccurate. is full of farmers trying to connect to consumers and sort through fears and facts. It’s not the easiest topic to explore because there is so much conflicting information on organic/convention, but I’ll enjoy seeing what you have to say! :-)

  2. SusanP says:

    Milk and Yogurt are the two items I always buy organic. The other dairy stuff (butter, sour cream, cheese etc) we don’t eat enough of it to matter to me. Our family of 6 is now a 5 gallon of milk a week household. We all drink a lot of milk (2%). That’s probably one of the main motivators for going organic — the sheer quantity we are ingesting. I’m no expert and maybe I just bought into the hype, but I’m doing it to avoid the hormones and other harmful things I’ve read are in the regular milk. For yogurt, we have always bought YoBaby/YoKids mainly to avoid HFCS and artificial colorings.

    1. Meagan Francis says:

      Susan, I tend to follow that guideline too – if we eat A LOT of something, then it’s more important to me to seek out the healthiest/wholest version of that item. Which is why I’ve never gotten too worked up about, say, baked goods made with processed flour. We just don’t eat that many baked treats to begin with. Now, bread? THAT is another story.

  3. [...] the last month I’ve written quite a bit about organic foods: reasons to consider buying organics, even more reasons to consider organics, and ways to save money on organic dairy and budget for [...]

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