Memories of Childhood Our Kids Will Treasure Forever

Some days ago, I opened a photo album, a real photo album, one I’d made maybe 20 or 25 years ago. I found myself smiling deeply. Life has changed so much in the last 10 years. I don’t collect printed pictures anymore; now I create online photo albums that most of the time go directly to virtual storage.

Even though things have changed dramatically and we don’t record and store our memories in the same way, some things will never change, and those are the memories our kids will forever treasure. The same types of memories we carry from our own childhoods, and that make us smile when we look at an old, yellowed picture are the kinds memories our children will carry with them their entire lives.

These are some of my treasured memories of childhood. I hope I’ll build similar beautiful memories for my kids, too:

  • Holiday family reunions 1 of 6

    Getting dressed up in your nicest clothes, feeling impatient and excited for days as you looked forward to the most exciting and marvelous day of your whole year. Feeling the love of your relatives. Experiencing the excitement of reading your name on gift boxes under the Christmas tree. Those are unforgettable moments.

  • Playing with mud and water 2 of 6

    When I think of that I can only remember our laughter. Getting dirty and soaked, and throwing mud at each other. Jumping and running around made me feel free but at the same time totally connected to everything and everyone.

  • Picnic time 3 of 6

    The magic of preparing lunch, getting ready, and dreaming of adventures and freedom. I can still feel the excitement of running and playing, the flowers, the sand, the water. A very simple but priceless experience of growth. 

  • Sunday night movies 4 of 6

    When I would watch a movie with my mom and brother, we'd lay down on my mom's big bed, watch our favorite movie and be allowed to break the rules by eating popcorn or candy. That was magic, and what was even better was when we woke up the next day in Mommy's bed, delighted that she hadn't taken us to our beds. 

  • Questions and answers 5 of 6

    I used to love to spend time asking questions and getting answers from my mom. She always surprised me. She was so clever and fast, and she always had a response for everything. Sometimes we forget how important is for our kids to get our full attention, to get answers from us, to look at us with admiration and love. 

  • The walks with our kids 6 of 6

    My mother was a teacher, and luckily for me, she worked at the same school I attended during high school. Setting aside the obvious challenges of having a mom working at your school (I couldn't get away with anything!), I can't deny that our walks to school were special. When you have 15 to 20 minutes a day to walk with someone, there´s no way you can avoid communicating. I'll forever miss those times with my mother.

I could keep writing and bringing up memories, but I would never finish! Memories are the soul of our love, and love is fed by the actions that become memories.

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