Miss Lori shares her DIY Glass Full of JOY craft


In light of the tragic events in Newtown, CT that came at the heels of 2012 I have seen a lot of people posting about a need to find and acknowledge more joy in their lives this year. My friend Rebecca Saltman posted a great idea on her facebook page that I was moved to take up myself. She suggested having a jar for the year, and in it periodically adding notes about impactful moments of joy. Then on New Years Eve you open the jar and relive the joyous moments all over again by reading and sharing the notes within.

Like many people I know I have suffered some set backs and personal difficulties these the last couple of years. But through it all I have tried to focus on seeing a bright side, even when surrounded by clouds. I found that my days were eliding together so much that I felt a need to acknowledge each day with its calendar number in my first update of the day on my personal facebook page. That helped to slow me down, but it didn’t always help me take note of the joy in my life, which made the long days longer. That’s why when I saw my friend’s idea I was excited to get started collecting joy. Now if you are familiar with my work you know that my artistry is on the stage, the screen or in the recording studio. I am not what you would call crafty. But lack of experience aside, I dove into this task with an open mind and an open heart. Here’s what I created. I hope it provides some joyful inspiration for you this year.


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    Glass full of Joy
    A glass full of JOY. You can collect notations about the joy you experience throughout the year. Then on New Years Eve you can pour out your notations and and relive those precious moments all over again.
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    To start this project first you must find the right jar or vase for you. I went to Goodwill.
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    I open vases with placards of encouragement already attached.
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    There were vases with decorations etched in the glass.
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    You could use a uniquely shaped jar with a lid for joy safe keeping.
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    I decided to expound upon the age old question, "Is your glass half empty or half full."
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    The best part of shopping at Goodwill is that the prices are low and your dollars goto helping others in need.
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    To make Glass of Joy attractive I chose brightly colored construction paper as the base for my notations.
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    I used a paper cuter to fashion 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 note pieces.
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    Next I used a hole puncher to make a hole to lace my note pieces together.
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    I forged through my daughter's art center for scraps to string my notes.
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    I chose a pipe cleaner to contain my note paper. I ran the pipe cleaner through a stack of the notes and then wrapped the pipe cleaner around the stem of the glass base.
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    Once the pipe cleaner was secured I fanned out the note paper to provide a colorful base of my JOY glass. I also tied a ribbon bow on the stem, atop the pipe cleaner, to give it a more decorative finish.
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    I slipped a thin sharpie in the knot of the bow so I would never be without a pen. So now all I have to do is tear off a note from the pipe cleaner, write down my joy with the sharpie and drop it in the glass for safe keeping. Until my New years reveal and recap that is. In the meantime the glass, placed strategically in front of one of my favorite pictures, is already visibly full of joy.



Miss Lori


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