Miss Lori the Reluctant Chef Has 6 Summer Drumstick Recipes

I am not a real chef, (I don’t even play one on TV). But I am a mom of three extremely hungry children for whom I must prepare meals. Therefore I have anointed myself the “Reluctant Chef“. What I lack in food acuity I make up for with my creativity. In fact, I think it is because I don’t know the rules that I am able to adopt an “I’ll try anything” attitude. Mostly I am all about making due with what’s available. And that’s exactly how these Summer Drumstick recipes came about. Although, they are less recipes and more mad scientist combinations. My first combo came about when my children complained that they were tired of have the same boring chicken every night. (Ungrateful ingrates… I mean loving fruit of my loins). I scoured my pantry in search of something to liven up their experience. There, in the way back, underneath discarded soup mixes and neglected flour, I found a bottle of cherry snow cone syrup. How that ever got into my pantry in the first place I don’t remember, but I was desperate so I gave it a shot. That night I only used the syrup as a dipping sauce, but it was such a hit I was emboldened to try something more. That’s when my “Summer Sticks” combos were born and I am happy to share them here with you. There’s no measurements, no instructions whatsoever actually. Just a list of ingredients and my best wishes. (Hey, I told you I was a #ReluctantChef. Did you think that was just a hashtag?) But that doesn’t mean these aren’t worth trying. My kids are eating them and growing like weeds. (Disclaimer: Miss Lori does not promise that your children will grow faster or bigger from eating these combinations.) I made all of these recipes using my Ninja Slowcooker on the oven setting at 250 degrees. You can make them any way you want; on the stove, in the oven, on the grill. Go for it! Now that’s enough talk, let’s get to eating, because I am hungry!

  • Miss Lori the Reluctant Chef preparing 6 Summer Drumstick Recipes 1 of 8
    Miss Lori the Reluctant Chef preparing 6 Summer Drumstick Recipes
  • Spicey Black Cow Drumsticks 2 of 8
    Spicey Black Cow Drumsticks
    This combinaion involved the most ingredients, but they are all worth it. Worcestershire sauce, vanilla, root beer snow cone syrup, molasses, cinnamon, Zatarain's Creole Seasoning, and Sweet and Spicey Chicken Rub. My children are the one's who encouraged me to add more spices, and boy were they right. I love the sweet inherent in the root beer, but the spice cuts it just so, making the taste irresistible. Just like a spicey root beer float.
  • Grape-Nut Drumsticks 3 of 8
    Grape-Nut Drumsticks
    I really wasn't sure about this combo. Using the grape snow cone syrup was kind of a personal challenge. I had my fingers crossed the whole time. Worcestershire sauce, grape snow cone syrup, nutmeg and black pepper. I will tell you I did not care for the aroma while they were cooking, but i was pleasantly surprised by the taste when they were done. Kind of dark and musty, but not in a mothball kind of way. Just succulent.
  • Kickin’ Watermelon Drumsticks 4 of 8
    Kickin' Watermelon Drumsticks
    Who wouldn't want their watermelon to have a kick? And boy do these dumsticks pack a wallop. Worcestershire sauce, watermellon snow cone syrup, paprika, Sweet and Spicey Chicken Rub and Zatarain's Creole Seasoning. Yowza!
  • Melon-Shire Drumsticks 5 of 8
    Melon-Shire Drumsticks
    This combo proves that less can be more. Watermelon snow cone syrup, worcestershire sauce, and Weber Kick'n Chicken Seasoning. A perfect Summer treat.
  • Sassy Colada Drumsticks 6 of 8
    Sassy Colada Drumsticks
    The Grape syrup was my biggest challenge, but the Pina Colada was the runner up. I was nervous about getting the right blend. I think the honey is what makes the difference. Along with that I used worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, Zatarain's Creole Seasoning and Louisiana Cajun Blackened Seasoning. The last ingredient definitely makes this a heavier taste, but the honey cuts the spice and makes it more tangy than hot. Like a sunny day with a mild breeze.
  • Teri-Cherry Drumsticks 7 of 8
    Teri-Cherry Drumsticks
    I was going to call these Cheriyaki, but I saw that name was already being used by others so I settled for a hyphenate. I think this is my absolute favorite combo. I couldn't get enough of them. I actually had to make a second batch just so my kids could get some. Teriyaki marinade, steak sauce, cherry snow cone syrup and an ample dusting of Zatarain's Creole Seasoning make for an explosion of flavor that you won't soon forget.
  • Mandarin Spice Drumsticks 8 of 8
    Mandarin Spice Drumsticks
    This is a bonus. I was out of snow cone syrup this particular day so I dug up some mandarin oranges and the rest, as they say, is history. I soaked the drumsticks in teriyaki sauce, surrounded them with mandarin oranges and then showered them with Tumeric and Cinnamon. This is a very subtle flavoring, but lots of texture.

If nothing else they are pretty pictures right? (I took them myself.) I hope you will take a risk and try one or two or six. If you do please let me know what you think. I’d hate to think my children are lying to me just to make me feel good. (Hmmm. They told me I look really thin too… I think I will hold onto that one no matter what.)

Here’s to a finger licking Summer!


Miss Lori


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