Mom-Savers: 8 Design-Driven Products You Need Today


Whether cleaning Cheerios from the car seat or toting eye-rolling teens to after-school activities, every parenting stage calls for a few miracles, yes? Here are 8 kid-friendly, mother-approved products that promise to make your life a bit easier – and a lot more beautiful. Consider this a virtual kit of well-designed lifesavers at your service!:

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  • Easy Nursing 2 of 9
    Easy Nursing
    Not a fan of the usual array of patterned nursing covers? Invest in String Theory's multi-tasking accessory - from baby blanket to stylish shawl to nursing cover - and cuddle up to a fun outing with your newest addition. Available for $240 at String Theory.
  • Insant Entertainment 3 of 9
    Insant Entertainment
    We've all been there - your toddler's on the verge of a boredom-induced meltdown at the post office. Quick - grab these foldable finger puppets that are easy-to-stash and easier-to-please for fast entertainment when your kid (and your sanity) needs it most. Available for $5.99 at Perpetual Kid.
  • Nap Saviors 4 of 9
    Nap Saviors
    Whether you're running through the airport or prepping for a day in the park, this travel bassinet folds into a backpack for impromptu naps to keep baby safe and cozy. Genius! Available for $69.99 at Cookie's.
  • Pouch Warriors 5 of 9
    Pouch Warriors
    Whether you're prepping a travel-friendly first aid kit or storing spare change for the parking meter, these well-designed pouches are sure to keep your organized and stylish. Available for $20.10 at Pamplemouss.
  • Organization Station 6 of 9
    Organization Station
    If you've ever stepped on a tiny plastic piece from your kid's latest creation, you'll know how handy Swoop Bags' genius design is. With the simple loosening of a single drawstring, this bag becomes a playmat for loose Legos, blocks and plastic bits. When finished, just tighten the drawstring to contain every last piece into an organized bag. Smart! Available for $48 at Swoop Bags.
  • On-The-Go Snacking 7 of 9
    On-The-Go Snacking
    A perfect companion for busy moms on-the-go, this smart snacking container boasts an interlocking system to keep snacks separate and virtually spill-proof. (Plus, it's adorable.) Available for $16.50 at Spoon Sisters.
  • Bathroom Smarts 8 of 9
    Bathroom Smarts
    Raise your hand if you're tired of cleaning water rings and toothpaste-stained glasses from the bathroom sink. Enter Tapi: the device that turns any faucet into an instant drinking fountain for spill-proof (and fun!) teeth-brushing. Bonus: Your kids will love playing with them so much they'll forget how much they hate bedtime. Available for $11.95 at Spoon Sisters.
  • Picky Eater Solution 9 of 9
    Picky Eater Solution
    If you've got a picky eater on your hands, you know how important presentation is to any meal. Jazz up their favorite (or not-so-favorite!) sandwiches with fun, inventive sandwich cutters. No more lunchtime tears (at least until you break out the veggies...)! Available for 14.50 at Amazon.