Mommy's Little Secret: 9 Quick-And-Easy Housecleaning Cheats

"Here, let me clean up that spill for ya..."

Do you use your baby’s pants as a dust mop? Let the dog lick up food under the high chair? Yes? Then you’re in good company. No? Then you need to read on and learn how to houseclean like the lazy do!

I asked Twitter friends to share their easiest (and possibly, most embarrassing) “housecleaning” cheats. Here are the craftiest answers, from a bunch of moms and one clever dad:

  • Sleep On It 1 of 9
    Sleep On It
    This works for other damp stuff too - noodles, cereal, etc.
  • Train The Kids 2 of 9
    Train The Kids
    Not sure if it's a cheat, but it definitely makes a parent's job easier!
  • Licked Clean 3 of 9
    Licked Clean
    Then you don't even have to sweep up the rice! (or noodles, or cereal...)
  • Canines As Housekeepers 4 of 9
    Canines As Housekeepers
    Looks like great minds think alike on the dog rec. Now if I could just get mine to clean out its own ears...
  • Suck It Up 5 of 9
    Suck It Up
    What a deliciously tricky approach!
  • Mop Job 6 of 9
    Mop Job
    Sounds pretty clean to me...
  • Smells Like Somebody Cleaned 7 of 9
    Smells Like Somebody Cleaned
    Smoke and mirrors: it's not just for magicians
  • Baby Wipe Use 1001 8 of 9
    Baby Wipe Use 1001
    Is there anything baby wipes CAN'T do?
  • Baby Labor 9 of 9
    Baby Labor
    Using an infant as a time-saving device. I like it.

Got any clever cleaning cheats of your own? Please share in the comments!

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