Moms Drive the Economy: It's Political Bumper Sticker Time


I know it’s only April, but I’m starting to see more political bumper stickers on the road. I’m not usually a person who puts those permanent decorations on her car, though I will happily drive around with a magnet touting my sixth-grader’s fabulous soccer team (GO FIREBOLTS!).

OK, I did make an exception for this one when George W. Bush ran for re-election, but that’s where I had to draw the line.

But as the general election is heating up, you know there are going to a whole new crop of them to choose from. What kind of message would you be willing to drive around with until the next time your trade-in your van or SUV?

Here are some to consider for moms of all political persuasions, both new and vintage!

  • Moms Drive the Economy 1 of 10
    Moms Drive the Economy
    This is THE bumper sticker of the 2012 campaign season. Well, so far, anyway. The Mitt Romney campaign produced this one faster than you can say "soccer moms" after a Democratic strategist dared to suggest that Mitt's wife, Ann, a stay-at-home mom, had never worked a day in her life. Those are fightin' words that produced this bumper sticker - one that the Romney folks hope will help him with his poor polling with women voters. Image via
  • Stay-at-Home Mom 2 of 10
    Stay-at-Home Mom
    This not so political sticker could appeal to the mom who wants to make a more subtle statement about her views, especially after the whole dust-up about which political party respects mothers more. Plus, you can always use the "SAHM" acronym for other phrases, like "struggling and hardly managing." Image via
  • Mama Grizzly 3 of 10
    Mama Grizzly
    Sure the whole concept of a political "mama grizzly" was introduced two years ago by former GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin, but I have a feeling there are plenty of mamas feeling bearish right now when it comes to this never-ending campaign season. Image via
  • Palin in 2012? 4 of 10
    Palin in 2012?
    While we're talking about Sarah Palin, there are some mama grizzlies and others who would still like to see the former Alaska Governor march into the GOP convention and take the reins. Voters who are still wishing for that might be a little offended by this bumper sticker, though those who are worried about the Mayan calendar might enjoy it! Image via
  • Working Moms for Hillary 5 of 10
    Working Moms for Hillary
    Yes, all moms are working moms. But mothers who work outside the home took it on the chin recently with the whole faux attack on stay-at-home mom news cycle. So I thought I'd highlight this one from the 2008 campaign. I have a feeling if anyone could put a stop to the recent chapter of the "mommy wars," it would be Hillary. Image via
  • Well-behaved Women 6 of 10
    Well-behaved Women
    Well who can change the world if we're busy being all polite? I know many politicians would like it if moms who want to change the way things run would just mind their manners and leave the heavy-lifting the them. I think this would be a great bumper sticker for just about any mom who's had to go to bat for her kids and her family. Image via
  • Women are Great Leaders 7 of 10
    Women are Great Leaders
    While we're busy not behaving, we're leading. Mothers are leaders in their families and communities, so why not just remind everyone who's sitting in the car pool line of that? Image via
  • Hillary 2016! 8 of 10
    Hillary 2016!
    I know, I know. Hillary says she isn't running for elective office ever again. But a girl can dream, can't she? I really want to see a woman president (yes, for me I would prefer a Democrat!) in my lifetime. So if Hillary did change her mind, so would I on my general rule about bumper stickers! Image via
  • Obama Mama 9 of 10
    Obama Mama
    Last, but not least, supporters of President Obama who happen to be moms might be tempted to proclaim their status as an "Obama Mama." It rolls off the tongue nicely, but I have a feeling VP Joe Biden might feel a little left out of the race if this bumper sticker shows up on cars across the nation. Image via
  • Moms Changing More than Diapers 10 of 10
    Moms Changing More than Diapers
    When we're done changing diapers, we're changing the world? I have a feeling there are a lot of us who could do both at the same time. So I like this one from MomsRising, a bipartisan group that advocates for issues that impact mothers, as well as everyone who as a mom! Image via

Which one would you choose for your family ride?

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