How we celebrated our own "Monster Day" (and a #MUScreamStakes $100 Target giftcard giveaway!)


This post is sponsored by Disney’s Monsters University and Target. To plan your own Monsters U party, visit and makes sure to catch Monsters U — now playing in theaters.


My kids are big fans of Monster’s Inc, so in anticipation of seeing the new movie Monster’s University, we had a little day of All Things Monsters.

  • For our Monster Day, I gathered up some fun Monsters University products from Target. 1 of 14
  • We started our day with some Monsters University cereal. Because of course we did. 2 of 14
    Monsters U Cereal
  • Then we decorated with some Monsters University window decals. 3 of 14
  • Karis helped me stage the table. And by "helped" I mean, she stole food. 4 of 14
  • All kinds of monstrous treats awaited the kids . . . 5 of 14
  • The kids loved that their mac and cheese was in the shape of the Monsters University logo. 6 of 14
  • After lunch, we broke out a new game: the Monsters University game "Who’s Behind the Door". 7 of 14
  • We also did a bit more swimming. As monsters do. 8 of 14
  • In the afternoon, we decorated cookies. Once again, all items procured from Target – even the gluten free cookie mix! 9 of 14
  • I provided some green and blue frosting, some googly eyes, and some chocolates and Lifesavers for the making of monsters. 10 of 14
  • The kids were as interested in licking the knife as they were with decorating. 11 of 14
  • They thought it was quite funny to speak as a monster as they were eaten. 12 of 14
  • Pro tip from a 6-year-old: breaking a Lifesaver in half makes a smile. 13 of 14
  • After decorating cookies, we settled in for the main event and watched Monster’s Inc. 14 of 14


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