Monster Treats Anyone Can Make

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You know how sometimes you see certain treats with candy piled on top of frosting piled on top of cake and layered over ice cream and you think “Whew, that’s a bit much for me.” (Unless you’re my 8 year old then you’re all “GAME ON!”) That’s what I thought about these treats the first time I saw them on a cover of a magazine in the checkout line at the grocery store. So many treats that are fun to look at don’t end up tasting very good, meaning it’s a lot of effort wasted on something that isn’t very delicious. (Story of my life.)

However, there’s something about these monster treats — my husband and I had a very deep conversation about them last night. Something about the mellow crunch of the Rice Krispy treat mixed with the smoothness of the chocolate with the extra crunchy M&M’s with the bonus punch of an Oreo? I’d take one of these over just about any other Halloween treat out there. If you’re they type who likes to show up to a party with something extra delicious and creative? Go ahead and make these and leave everyone wondering “How do you do it?” Hosting a bunch of little kids at your house for a Halloween party? Set up a monster-making station and send those kids home with the ultimate sugar high. (Honestly, seeing what kids come up with is one of the best parts of making these.)

  • What You’ll Need 1 of 11

    Here's the basic ingredients used: Both big and little Oreos and M&Ms, Rice Krispy Treats, and Ghirardelli melting chocolate (also available in white chocolate! This stuff is amazing.) I also used some sprinkles (you'll see them shortly).

  • Candy Selection 2 of 11

    Once I got into the heavy decorating, I wish I would have had some candy corn for fangs, use whatever you like though. Just remember fruity stuff on chocolate would taste kind of weird.

  • Shape Your Treats 3 of 11

    Using your hands, mash and smash the unwrapped Rice Krispy treats into a few different shapes. Cut them up to be smaller, smoosh a couple together to make them bigger.

  • Chocolate Dipped 4 of 11

    Once your treats are shaped, dip them one or two at a time, any more than that and the chocolate will harden before you get a chance to decorate them.

  • Cookies for Eyes 5 of 11

    Double Stuff Oreos are easier for eyes, they come apart much easier (plus they taste better.) You'll have to go through a few mini Oreos before you find ones that can be used for eyes. They crush and crumb a lot easier than the big ones.

  • Leave Room For Mouths 6 of 11

    As you're decorating remember to leave a little room for a mouth (which I added with pink frosting at the very end). Monsters without mouths are just little shapes with eyes. Kind of — I guess it depends on your decorating skill and imagination.

  • Finished Faces 7 of 11

    Very last add mouths to your monsters with a bit of frosting, licorice, gum — whatever inspires you.

  • Making Mustaches (and Other Stuff) 8 of 11

    I made the monster at the top a little mustache by spooning out some of the dipping chocolate into the shape of a mustache on my silicone mat below the cookie sheet, covering it with sprinkles then letting it harden. I made a pretty sweet eyebrow for one of the monsters this way, too. If you don't have a silicone mat, wax or parchment paper would work, too.

  • The Whole Crew 9 of 11

    Here they are! In all their weird, tasty glory. Fun right?

  • Lonely Cookies 10 of 11

    I had a lot of leftover dipping chocolate and there were still a few big Oreos just staring at me, begging to be dipped. So, of course I listened to them. They turned into eyeballs, tasty delicious eyeballs.

  • Tasty Eyeballs 11 of 11

    I could have just made these and been happy, but they made a nice little sidekick to the dipped Rice Krispy treats. I still had some leftover chocolate after making these cookies and, let's just say it barely had time to harden on the apples I dipped in it after a job well done.

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