Monstrously Easy DIY Father's Day Cards


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Father’s Day is coming up soon and nothing is better than a handmade card from his little monster.  Need a gift idea? Fill the handmade card with a movie theater gift card so he can take the kids to see Monsters U!

Using a few easy materials I made these four “monstrously” easy cards sure to bring a smile to a daddy monster’s face. Construction paper, googly eyes and a correction pen are the most basic materials. Click through the gallery and see how easy they are to make!


  • DIY Cards for Father’s Day (Little Monster to Big Monster) 1 of 8
    DIY Cards for Father's Day (Little Monster to Big Monster)
    Click through the gallery for easy steps!
  • Googly Eyes 2 of 8
    Googly Eyes
    The most crucial ingredient for a DIY monster. You can pick these up at most craft stores in various sizes.
  • Eye Love You 3 of 8
    Eye Love You
    A multi-eyed monster is very easy to assemble with a little construction paper. Have your little monster add as many eyes as they "see" fit.
  • Pencil Stamp 4 of 8
    Pencil Stamp
    An easy way to customize any "spotted" monster is by using the end of a pencil. Add a little paint to a paper plate and stamp away with the eraser end.
  • A Perfect Match 5 of 8
    A Perfect Match
    Help your little monster use their pencil stamp to create matching monsters on the front of a card.
  • Correction Pen 6 of 8
    Correction Pen
    A correction pen is a great way to add embellishment to a dark colored card because it's opaque when dry.
  • My What Large Teeth You Have! 7 of 8
    My What Large Teeth You Have!
    Create this toothy grin of a card using construction paper and add the pearly whites using the "white out" correction pen. You can write your message inside using the pen too!
  • Simply Scary 8 of 8
    Simply Scary
    A simple card that just reads "MONSTER" by looking at it. Construction paper, googly eyes and two teeth drawn with a correction pen. Let your little one customize their own monster face with these basic supplies!