Movie Reviews By My Kid: Is She Old Enough For Harry Potter?

Don’t get me wrong, the idea of watching a children’s movie that I could actually sit through without wanting to poke out my eyes is most welcome.  I love the Harry Potter movies and, admittedly, I’m one of those adults who has read every book.  Now my daughter was coming home with questions about “Harry Potter” and getting invites to “Harry Potter” themed birthdays and, sadly, picking favorite characters from the film, even though she had never seen it.

But was I ready for my newly minted five year old to trade in her Tinkerbell wings for a Wizards cape?   Just a week ago she was begging to watch a Strawberry Shortcake video and now she wants to see a movie which, among other things, features a dead unicorn having it’s blood drained by a mostly dead bad guy?

Apparently the answer was yes.  So with the remote in hand, finger readily positioned on the pause button, we launched into our first Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is the first film in the Harry Potter franchise (if you’ve been living in a cave for the past decade) and is rated PG for some scary moments and mild language.  Adventure/Family/Fantasy 152 minutes.  Here is my five year old’s review:

So what did you think of Harry Potter?

Remember that guy? Like that not nice guy? That new dad and the new mom that was not nice and that not nice kid and the kid went into the snakes house?

Oh right the aunt and uncle and cousin Dudley?

Yes.  They weren’t very nice.

True.  What was your favourite part?

The happy endings.  Not the bad parts. (considers)  I actually liked the whole movie.

Did you think the bad parts were too scary?

I thought the dog one was the scariest with the tree heads.  I went (makes scared face and then goes into fetal position).

Who was your favourite character?

Harry Potter and Jenny and Ron.

Jenny?  You mean Hermoine?

Oh yes.

You know, Daddy and I weren’t sure you were old enough to watch this movie.

I am, and I’d tell my friends what happened in the movie so they’d hear it once and when they hear it it’s not so scary for when then they see it.

Doesn’t that ruin the movie if they know what’s going to happen?

Nope. It makes it better.

Who was your least favourite character in the movie?

The guy with the purple ribbon on his head who had a face on the back…. ewww.  And the guy with the mean teeth.

Mean teeth?

You know he was (makes scary face) and he was on his broom?

Oh right.  The Quidditch player.  Why do you think five year olds are old enough to watch “Harry Potter”?

Because it’s not that scary.


You know what I say to myself when something is scary?  I say nevermind, it’s not real.

That’s great honey.

But I am scared of real bears monsters, dragons and giants.

Naturally.  What would you tell your friends about this movie?

There’s a big guy with the yucky teeth and then that big giant with a stick smacked Jenny on the head with the sink.

You mean Hermoine?

Oh yeah, Hermoine…Like remember when they put the stick in it’s nose and then…uuummm… it Jenny?


Oh yeah, Hermoine.  Hermoine and Ron said Ewwww!

Anything else?

Yeah…does Harry Potter live in the sky?  I don’t really know where he lives.

I don’t think he does either.  How many stars would you give this movie?

91 hundred and 21 stars.

So there you have it, the first movie was a breeze.  But knowing that the movies get progressively more violent I think I’m going to wait it out.  There’s no harm in watching “Enchanted” for the six hundredth time right?

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