My 3 Homemaking Resolutions for 2012


I’ve made plenty of personal, professional, and family goals for the upcoming year. But so far, I haven’t set any home-oriented resolutions for 2012.

Until today. I’ve realized that there are a few things I could definitely be doing a bit better in my house. Here they are:

Wear an apron.

Sure, it seems like a 50’s (or earlier) throwback. But if you’re spending serious time in the kitchen, why wreck your clothes? An apron isn’t just cute and retro, it’s ultimately practical. Maybe if I wore one when I cook, I wouldn’t have to wonder where all those splotches on my shirt came from.

Wash bras separately from the rest of my clothes.

I’ve known you’re supposed to do this since I got my first brassiere in junior high. But life gets busy, and the idea of a separate wash on gentle followed by an extensive drip-dry session starts to seem less practical. Unfortunately, the more I ignore this rule, the more stretched-out and bent my “girl-supporters” get. So this year? I’m resolving to treat those essential support garments with the respect they deserve.

Buy better utensils.

A barely-functional pizza cutter? Only one ladle? My kitchen is full of “tools”, but how many of them are really earning their keep? This year I resolve to clear my drawers of the spoons and other implements that I never use, and replace them only when I can afford high-quality, multi-tasking items I’ll use again and again…and again.

What are your homemaking resolutions for 2012?