My Best of Blogs Nomination is… Pregnant Chicken

300x300-PregnantChickenLast week, my beloved masters at Babble launched “Babble’s Best of Blogs”. They’re asking all of us the following: “Are there bloggers who have changed your life? Blog posts that made a difference just when you needed it? Ever thought, wow, that blogger/that post needs to be in print?”

There are several bloggers like that for me. When I first found The Bloggess in 2009, I felt like someone had given me a present. It started with her post about James Garfield. Then over the course of a few days, I just read everything she’d written. I was  — what’s the word? — gobsmacked. I was gobsmacked by her talent, humor, and orginality. Is there anyone else in the whole world like Jenny Lawson? No. But there are currently a whole lot of people that are trying to be. Good luck with that, everybody.

Another blogger that rocked my world was Glennon Melton at Momastery. I read her post “A Mountain I’m Willing to Die On” in early 2011. I was like: “What the hell is this? A smart, loving, rational, recovering, funny, gay-loving Christian? OH YES PLEASE.” Her stuff has moved me and motivated me. And she has been an important Yoda-like figure in my life ever since.

But there’s one more blogger I want to talk about. The Bloggess and Momastery are now both huge, well-deserved success stories with best selling books and armies of adoring minions (me among them). I think that this particular blog is teetering on the brink of something similar. I’m talking about Amy Morrison, who you may know better as Pregnant Chicken.

Over the last three years, I think I’ve read every one of her posts (and I haven’t even been pregnant a little bit in that time). Most of the people I know who read Pregnant Chicken aren’t pregnant either, they just think Amy is hilarious. My pregnant friends love her as if she were a cross between Tina Fey and a baby panda. I get it  – you’re not sure if you want to cuddle her and feed her treats, or fire up some hippy-smelling incense and venerate her like a goddess.

I remember very clearly the first time I read her stuff in early 2010. My first reaction was shock. I thought “This is what it would be like if David Sedaris wrote about getting an episiotomy. I WANT TO READ MORE OF THAT.”

My second reaction was honestly to just quit blogging. Because why bother? If I could just stumble onto someone this talented, smart, irreverently hilarious and good hearted all at the same time – then how much talent must be out there? Because this woman is extraordinary and if that’s what is just floating around the internet waiting to be discovered, than I need to go back to watching Bravo and eating Cheetoes.

But she is that good and the world is catching on. Her audience has been steadily growing since she started her website in late 2009. Several of her posts have gone viral but none typify more what Pregnant Chicken is really all about than the post that took over the internet in December (thanks to Huffington Post Parents having the good sense to pick it up and promote it). It’s called “Why You’re Never Failing As A Mother” and I’m pretty sure half the internet read it and most of them felt better for it.

That’s why Amy started blogging – to help pregnant women feel better. Specifically, to help them feel less freaked out and more empowered to enjoy what is actually a really brief and very important time in their lives. She thought they needed a place where information was presented in a funny, thoughtful and accessible way. When she went seeking out information on the internet as a pregnant person, what she found was often scary and created anxiety (as well as an uncomfortable constipated feeling). And really none of it was funny.

But now the world has Pregnant Chicken. And the internet shall rejoice.

I’m lucky enough to count Amy among my friends. I mean, we’ve never actually met or anything, but in the world of blogging – that’s not too weird. She’s truly a super star. She’s a full time art director/graphic designer, a mom of two adorable boys, a wife and partner, runs a kickass blog and is a kind, generous, encouraging friend (who sends the funniest emails in the world). In our first email, she asked me if I was really who I claimed to be or in fact a scary old Russian man with candy in my pants.

Here are several examples of why Pregnant Chicken is so great; hilarious, logical, honest information that pregnant women and new moms need – and none if it will freak them out. By no coincidence whatsoever, these are also the posts that I insisted be nominated for Babble’s Best of Blogs. I strongly encourage you to check them out. The last two are actually my favorites but didn’t really fit the categories that Babble was looking for, but I added them here anyway because I’m a rule breaker.

The 4th Trimester: What You Need to Know About Newborns
Boob vs. Bottle
10 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman
Happily After Giving Birth: 10 Things They Don’t Tell You
Why You’re Never Failing as a Mother
Easiest Births Ever
Visitors After the Baby? 10 Tips for New Moms
New Dad Survival Guide
“When I Have Kids, I’ll Never ____”

A little note: that last post was originally a guest post on my blog Rants from MommyLand. The first time I read it, I peed myself I laughed so hard. It is far and away the most popular thing I’ve ever published, and I didn’t write it.


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