My husband is a genius.


I know, I know. Your husband is a genius, too. I believe it. But mine, in my humble and completely unbiased opinion, is a pretty genius songwriter. I love these songs, below, which he wrote especially for each of our girls. I think they really capture their very unique personalities. (The slide shows help, too.)

The CD release show for his new family album, These Are My Friends, is happening tomorrow (Saturday, 9/10) at Club Passim in Cambridge, and there will be a number of other shows in the Boston area this Fall. He’s also got shows coming up in New York and the DC area. Check out his website for the full schedule. (And if you go, be sure to go up and say hi, and say you’re a Baby Squared reader! He’ll kiss you! Maybe. OK, not really. But still say hi!)

Chances are he won’t be playing either of these songs at his shows, and they’re not on the album, since the average listener doesn’t  know Elsa and Clio, and might not appreciate the lyrics. But you sorta do know them, in a way. So I hope you enjoy.



(Clio’s song after the jump)




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