My Top 8 Misconceptions About Cruises

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If you know me, you know I’ve been obsessed with going on a cruise lately. I’ve had some friends whose opinions I respect come back from a cruise ranting and raving about what an insanely great time they had. I actually allowed those friends to show me pictures! And the pictures made me go to the website! And the website got me all crazy about the idea of getting our whole family on board. I’m not sure if it’s the idea that there is all kinds of stuff for the kids to do where they’re busy and happy and I can hit a spa (I don’t know if you’re aware but I have three of them. I am painfully aware of this fact at every moment —and I live to not be aware every moment).

So this whole new attitude is a huge shift for me because I’ve always been vehemently opposed to the idea of a cruise due to some major misconceptions I’ve had. Here are all the things I thought and the truth of the matter.


  • Myth #1: It’s all old people 1 of 8
    Myth #1: It's all old people
    My friends who've all be on cruises in the last month would disagree. Unless you consider mid-forties old, which I don't! Sure I need some Benefiber once in awhile but that just keeps me comfortable! Hey, I like Vampires as much as the next teen! Okay, actually that's a lie, I don't. Darn maybe I am old.
  • Myth #2: Nothing to do but shuffle board 2 of 8
    Myth #2: Nothing to do but shuffle board
    Isn't that what you think of when you think about a cruise? I know! But I guess that's completely outdated. In fact, on the Norwegian Cruise Line they have basketball courts on some of their ships plus fitness centers with TV and classes! Geez suddenly shuffleboard seems downright relaxing.
  • Myth #3: The food is all unhealthy and fattening. 3 of 8
    Myth #3: The food is all unhealthy and fattening.
    I think in the old days the food was all on par with the buffet at the Barbary Coast in Vegas. Not so now my friends! There's a ton of healthy dining including sushi (which makes me so happy) and lots of fresh fruit. Plus, they will cook the food however you like -no greasy eggs? No problem! This was reported to me by my friend who is a nutcase about stuff like this. She came home thinner than she left. I hate her.
  • Myth #5: The only entertainment is lounge singers 4 of 8
    Myth #5: The only entertainment is lounge singers
    We've all heard Simon Cowell compare singers to "cruise ship entertainers." That's because cruise ships have been known for corny entertainment but it turns out that big names are on the ship circuit now. Big shows! Second City! Blue Man Group! Broadway shows! And if you want to watch a cruise ship singer you can always watch American Idol from your room.
  • Myth #6: At least three passengers will fall overboard 5 of 8
    Myth #6: At least three passengers will fall overboard
    The reason I think that turns out to be that I've seen the same episode of Dateline over and over. In my defense it was a good episode and I didn't notice it was the same one. But the point is, people don't fall overboard on a semi-regular basis as I thought.
  • Myth #7: Ship rooms are the size of jail cells 6 of 8
    Myth #7: Ship rooms are the size of jail cells
    My friend was raving about her room and I said, "It couldn't have been big enough for two kids. No way." She showed me the pics and the rooms were actually very nice. You can get rooms with balconies or verandas or suites or whatever you want. I had no idea this was true and now I'm REALLY excited.
  • Myth #8 You will catch the Norwalk virus 7 of 8
    Myth #8 You will catch the Norwalk virus would think right? If you watch the news anyway. But the Norwalk virus is basically a virus that hits hospitals and other places where guests are in close quarters. BUT, you are no more likely to catch the virus on vacation than from your kids daycare or a local restaurant. Plus, my friend told me that ships are incredibly clean and people pop out with wipes on a constant basis. OCD'er rejoice!
  • Myth #9 Perky cruise directors lurk around every corner 8 of 8
    Myth #9 Perky cruise directors lurk around every corner
    The Love Boat was a TV show. Sorry to break it to everyone. Especially me, since I thought that Doc and Gopher were real people who would take me on a special adventure where I'd drink Andre champagne under a full moon. I'm actually glad this isn't the case because the Julie of yesteryear seems pretty annoying. I don't want anyone constantly asking me if I want to join a game of charades on the Lido deck. So there you are! You can go on a cruise now!


Disclaimer: A big thanks to Norwegian Cruise Line for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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