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Charlie Capen and Andy Herald

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Andy Herald and Charlie Capen are two sleep-deprived friends with nothing left to lose but their sanity as they navigate being zombie dads. The duo co-founded and appear on The Huffington Post, BabyCenter, and lots of delicious websites. They’re not experts, but that isn’t gonna stop them from pretending.


Star Wars Toys for Any Age & Genre

As a kid, I wanted toys. A lot of them. Walking through Toys ‘R’ Us was probably very traumatic for my mother. I remember how much bargaining and frustration I threw at my mom. The fact that she is still sane after two boys with an equal hunger for cool toys is a miracle. She MORE »

15 Disney Character Costume Swaps

15 Disney Characters Swap Costumes & Gender Roles

Gender roles are a lot like stereotypes for what kind of reproductive equipment someone’s got, and it can be a pretty touchy topic these days. A master mechanic pops the hood of a car and is swarmed by helpful men, because she’s a woman. Helpful women materialize like fairy godmothers around a crying baby in MORE »


The Karma of Having Kids and Melted Plastic Toys

I learned a lot of things growing up that I probably shouldn’t have learned. Stuff no adult ever taught me. Unsafe things. Things that involved sharp edges, electricity, poisonous chemicals, flammable or explosive materials. Stuff I won’t write about in any detail for legal reasons hey stop looking at me like that! I never hurt MORE »


Facebook Slacktivism

Facebook might disagree. Facebook slacktivism is not the same as activism and volunteering. It is a means not an end.


Giving a Van a Sharpie Marker Paint Job

You’ve got to admire a fantastic doodle. It’s like sketching and graffiti got drunk on a few bottles of aimlessness and partied their way into urban art. In school, I was always really impressed by any trapper keeper with amazing Sharpie tats. A montage of little personal murals that told the story of someones wandering MORE »


Co-opting Feminism: A How-To Guide for Men?

The post below is the response I sent privately at 2:18am to Mr. Black Hockey Jesus regarding his post, “Letting Lean In Be: Fathering A Way For Our Daughters.” I post it here, now, to expose my lack of sleep and writing skill with his permission. I have a great deal of respect for Jon MORE »

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