Nurture Your Child’s Inner Self by Knowing His Moon Sign

I admit to being obsessed with astrology for many years now. Not a day goes by that I don’t check my Susan Miller Astrology Zone app for my daily horoscope and I get my astral projections done and read twice per year now with Sue Valencia, an astrologer and blogger from México.

Why am I so obsessed with what the planets have in store for me? Because it provides a clear map of where my opportunities and challenges lie every day and it also removes me from getting in the way of myself. Meaning that sometimes, as much as my ego hates to admit it, things are not always about me. There’s a larger energy at work for all of us that, if understood and used wisely, can eliminate a lot of stress in our lives from wanting to control it all.

Don’t get me wrong, we are definitely not astrological marionettes; we are in complete control of our destiny, but it’s good to know when tides are in our favor to push or pull or just lay low. For example, it’s now so common to hear people on Facebook and Twitter warn others that we’re in a Mercury retrograde stage and, of course, all craziness is loose. It’s actually great to know when Mercury is retrograde (we are in one right now, by the way!) because you know that if anyone gets confrontational with you, if flights get delayed, if nothing seems to go right, it’s not your fault! See? Doesn’t that put your mind at ease already? Knowing the planetary movements affecting you every day is just another way to be in control of your life, guided by a clear map of obstacles and opportunities.

Soon after my daughter was born six years ago, I realized that it would be good mothering if I also understood what her natal chart looked like. This way I would be able to understand why some things are challenging for her, where her passion points may manifest, and how to best nurture her soul, mind, and imagination.

Sue Valencia of Una Luna, Dos Lunas, explained to me that “astrology is an amazing and thorough tool that helps us know our children better and find ways to truly help bring out the best in them.” She adds that, of course, nothing beats parent intuition, but when it comes to having some help, taking a look at your child’s natal chart and knowing his/her lunar sign is essential!

As Sue explains it, “Your child’s moon tells you exactly what he or she needs to feel nurtured, safe, loved and therefore self assured. All babies need the same basic stuff: food, shelter, care. But some babies need to be fed on a schedule, others whenever they are hungry. Some babies respond really well to being swaddled, others will scream their lungs out and wiggle their way out of the blanket… they need freedom to move!”

See how much we can understand about our babies just from knowing their moon sign? Plus, the benefits of nurturing his moon will last him a lifetime because it will help in the process of him or her becoming an emotional mature adult later on in life.

To find your child’s lunar sign, go to a site like Lunarium and just enter her place, time and date of birth and it will give it to you immediately. Go get your kid’s sign and come right back here because Sue has shared with us a few tips to nurture your child’s natal moon. Just click through and find his/her lunar sign below:

  • Aries Moon 1 of 12
    aries moon chid lunar sign

    Aries moon - need to be themselves and have some action! Lots of energy, ideally give them lots of physical outlets like sports. They are super competitive, but when they´re little they will need a lot of support and cheers from Mom and Dad to build that confidence in themselves.

    These babies or toddlers can be quite boisterous and will defend what's theirs no matter what.


  • Taurus Moon 2 of 12
    taurus moon child lunar sign

    Taurus moon - these are super mellow and calm children, usually. Little taurus moons need to feel that they can count on food, mom's touch and a stable environment always. It's best to feed them on demand, a feeling of deprivation could lead to bad eating habits later on.


  • Geminis Moon 3 of 12
    geminis moon child lunar sign

    Geminis moon - your little chatter box! These children are super curious, they can spark a conversation with everyone, and will become friends with every single person that comes across. They love to be read and told stories, it really fuels their need to learn new things. They love to be in the know! They are very curious, so it's ideal to fuel this with a school that stimulates their mind in every single way possible.

  • Cancer Moon 4 of 12
    cancer moon child lunar sign

    Cancer moon - these children can be the sweetest, super shy and most tender little souls out there, but don't be fooled, they are troopers once they feel the inner confidence to come out of their shell! These kids need to feel that mom and dad are there every step of the way, they need a helping hand at first so they can trust their own strength later on. Home is their favorite place, and mom their favorite person for the rest of their lives.

  • Leo Moon 5 of 12
    leo moon child lunar sign

    Leo moon - cue the spotlights and place them on this luminous child because he or she is bound to call for attention! These children need to feel they are seen, that their talents are recognized, and most of all, they need a positive outlet for all the creative energy that's pent up in their little bodies. They can be little drama queens or kings if they can't find such outlet, so instead of having them create mini dramas, help them find their voice, their unique talent and then... applaud it with all your heart!


  • Virgo Moon 6 of 12
    virgo moon child lunar sign

    Virgo moon - keep their room and surrounding play areas tidy, give them healthy food, have a balanced everyday routine and you'll have the happiest child on the block. These little perfectionists can be hard to please sometimes— after all, they are looking for perfection! But it's all about balance, really. Teach them how to have a healthy life and they'll be a-ok. They love puzzles, organizing stuff into categories and minding the little details that make up something. Also, they are super curious! Fuel their sharp minds with interesting stories and have them come up with the most diverse possible scenarios!

  • Libra Moon 7 of 12
    libra moon child lunar sign

    Libra moon - you'll notice them because they'll be accessorizing as soon as it is possible for them! They love looking good and having everyone gather around them. These children are some of the most social kiddos around, they love making sure everyone is happy and having a great time. They are not necessarily mellow, but more social savvy than anything else. They need to feel that things are peaceful and everyone is getting along, especially at home. Any kind of distress (especially among mom and dad) makes them nervous. As soon as they're ready they will be the happiest kids going to school... a whole new social arena for them to conquer!


  • Scorpio Moon 8 of 12
    scorpio moon child lunar sign

    Scorpio moon - these children need their mom 24/7; maybe not physically, but they need to feel she is there for them above anyone else. They are intense, have deep feelings since the get go, very demanding and have an understanding of situations way beyond their age. They are like little psychics who pick up every vibe around them, so it's important to take care of the people that are close to them. They will ask a million questions regarding why people do different things; they want to understand the motive behind every action. Be open and honest with them, they will know if you're making it up.

  • Sagittarius Moon 9 of 12
    sagittarius moon child lunar sign

    Sagittarius moon - your little world traveler! These kids have the soul of a gypsy, and they light up whenever they are out and about. They need lots of physical stimulation and plenty of outdoor time to be happy, otherwise they can become irritable, when it really is their true nature to be happy and full of enthusiasm. They will always be ready to go, they will always be trying to make everyone laugh (they can be little clowns!), and they will always be eager to meet new and interesting people. If it's not possible to travel often, feed them stories, teach them another language and help them experience the world through books, classes, music, food and people.

  • Capricorn Moon 10 of 12
    capricorn moon child lunar sign

    Capricorn moon - this is your very mature child who appears to be able to do everything by his or herself, but really, they need a grown up to really take care of them. They may not be the most expressive child you know, they tend to keep their emotions private, but they need a strong role model that allows them to just be kids. Yes, they will be mature and responsible from early on, just make sure they don't take on too many responsibilities when they're not ready yet.

  • Aquarius Moon 11 of 12
    aquarius moon child lunar sign

    Aquarius moon - oh the little excentrics! They are wonderful to get to know because they are different, you may not be able to pinpoint exactly how, but they are. They are an original above all, and will dance to the beat of their own drum. They thrive on social interactions, especially when it comes to sharing different ideas. They are able to relate to every single person no matter their background, they know the meaning of "every one is the same and worth the same". They are very socially conscious and will feel fulfilled if they can help others someway. Also, they love technology and all things futuristic!


  • Pisces Moon 12 of 12
    pisces moon child lunar sign

    Pisces moon - dreamers, true artists, huge hearted and compassionate through and through. These babies are very special, sometimes their eyes seem to drift to different worlds, and it's because they are connected with everything around them. They have an incredible imagination and perceive everything that is happening in their surroundings, so you will also need to be very careful of where you take these tiny sensitive souls and who gets to hang around them. They love nature, and as much as they love to be with the people closest to them, they also need time by themselves. That is how they recharge their inner battery and get ready to come back to the world once again. So give them space, but make sure they know you are always around for a huge silent hug.

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