On Loving Every Single Bit Of Your Child

lipsMy daughter has beautiful nostrils. I never realized this until the other night at bedtime, when I was tucking her in. I rested my head on her chest, and when I looked up at her face, I noticed them. Exquisitely shaped, I thought. So delicate. And really, really cute.

I leaned up and kissed her nostrils. I did. And then I thought, Wow. You have finally and truly lost it.

The way I worship my two kids takes me by surprise at times, this awe for every little part of them. I want to gaze upon them, touch them, inhale them, savor them with all of my senses. “I could eat you up!” my mom used to say to me, and now I get exactly what she means.

I know every nook, cranny and crevice of their beings. For years, I’ve rubbed on diaper cream, Aquaphor, lotion, soap and shampoo. I’ve patted their bellies when they’ve hurt, smoothed their hair again and again to calm them down, kissed their boo-boos. I have helped grow their parts, or so I think.

At 8 and 10, my kids are getting older but I’ve never stopped adoring their bodies. I get a thrill out of holding their hands. I breathe in their scents as I hug them after I get home from work, the best aromatherapy around. I nuzzle their still-chubby cheeks. If I ever saw X-rays of their livers, I’m quite sure I would think they were adorable, too.

Mama Gaga, that’s me, a total fool for love. And I suspect I am not alone here.

These are the kid bits I find most irresistible.


  • Chubalicious thighs 1 of 11
    Chubalicious thighs
    What stops parents from nibbling on those mini drumsticks I'm not sure, because they are that tempting.

    Photo credit: istock
  • Oooh, that Buddha belly 2 of 11
    Oooh, that Buddha belly
    When babies first learn to sit up, it's as if their entire being is balanced by those bellies. Sometimes you find crumbs or drool resting on the top of their tummies with no place to go. Too bad our own pooches aren't nearly as cute.

    Photo credit: Flickr/Vivian Chen
  • Rubberband wrists 3 of 11
    Rubberband wrists
    You know what I'm talking about: That crease where hand meets wrist, as if a rubberband's wrapped around it. (See also: chin folds.) My daughter's still got a trace of rubberband wrists, along with the indented knuckles, and I dread the day when they disappear.

    Photo credit: Ellen Seidman
  • A floppy mop top 4 of 11
    A floppy mop top
    It's not just that tots are full of energy—it's that their hair is full of it, too, bouncing around right along with them like some sort of kid-shampoo commercial on steroids. Holding them in a towel after bathtime and breathing in that just-shampooed scent of their strands: heaven.

    Photo credit: Andi Sligh/Bringing The Sunshine
  • Those pudgy cheeks 5 of 11
    Those pudgy cheeks
    So luscious and full that gravity cannot hold them up and they droop, somehow making babes look wise beyond their years. When you're not nuzzling or prodding them, you ache to.

    Photo credit: Ellen Seidman
  • Baby butt! 6 of 11
    Baby butt!
    Mush and dimpled skin never looked so good.

    Photo credit: Flickr/Jessica Merz
  • The freckles. Oh, the freckles. 7 of 11
    The freckles. Oh, the freckles.
    "Sprinkles," my daughter calls them. As in, "Mommy, how many sprinkles do you think I have on my face?" Swoon.

    Photo credit: Ellen Seidman
  • Kissy lips 8 of 11
    Kissy lips
    The way babies' lips purse in a perma-pucker, falling ever-so-slightly open when they sleep. The way a child's bottom lip juts out when they are sad or mad or deep in concentration. Maybe you shouldn't, germs and all, but sometimes you can't help planting one right on their lips.

    Photo credit: Flickr/D. Sharon Pruitt
  • Cute baby teeth 9 of 11
    Cute baby teeth
    Spaced a bit unevenly, perhaps, or just a little crooked, they're part of your child's personality— though you never quite realize it until The Tooth Fairy comes along.

    Photo credit: Ellen Seidman
  • Sweet little toes 10 of 11
    Sweet little toes
    Ten more reasons to adore your child. Could they be any more perfect? Don't they belong in a museum or something?!

    Photo credit: Flickr/Gabi Menashe
  • Delish forever! 11 of 11
    Delish forever!
    No matter how old kids get, you will never stop loving every single bit of them. Enjoy the PDA while you can, because someday you are sure to hear "Mommmmmm, you're embarrassing me!"

    Photo credit: Ellen Seidman

Photo credit: Ellen Seidman

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