One-Der Woman: 5 Tips for Mom-and-Kid Road Trips


Road Trips2 CollageIt’s not too late to pack up your kiddos, the Kindle and a passenger seat full of snacks and hit the road for one last getaway before the back-to-school madness begins! If your budget is trim, your time is limited and you’re concerned about how you can get both quality time in with your child and squeeze in some much-needed adult relaxation, here is how to make it all work.

Guest expert (OK, my kid, who has spent lots of time on little getaways with his mama), nearly aged-nine Lil E and I offer up our very best tips for having a great time together on a road-trip. And just to prove we know what we are talking about, we taped these tips moments after we pulled up in front of our house after seven days spinning around a few states.

Have you taken your kids on a trip alone? Add your best tips for revving up a road trip to comments!


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