One-Der Woman: One Quick Tip to Feel Fabulous When You Go Out


I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new video show here on Babble — One-Der Woman: The Single Mom’s Guide to Happiness.

I’ll be flashing my deflector bracelets and lassoing truths of being a single mama, and I invite you to listen in to my tips, stories and kooky dating experiences with not-so supermen. I also would love you to send me your advice, questions and sexts to Wear the red wonder-boots with me!

In the debut episode of One-Der Woman, I do it right — with weird lighting and by showing my panties!

I’m not kidding. I justify the weird lighting because ladies of a certain age often want to crank down the fluorescence when panties are flashed.

So, please, click play. Laugh. Cry. Press play again. Follow my good advice because it works. I’ll bet my star-spangled shorts on it.

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