Our best 12 pics of 2012

I thought I’d close out this blogging year much the way I did the last one — with a look back at my 12 favorite photos from the previous year. And this year was extra tough to narrow it down to just 12 because we had just that strong of a year.

But whittle it down, I finally did. Not necessarily to the best 12 pictures from a photography standpoint, but, rather, from a “how it felt” standpoint. In other words, these may not be our best technical pictures. But they are the ones that represent the many things we did independently and collectively that brought our family the most joy.

So…without further ado, our best 12 pics of 2012:

  • metaphors 1 of 13
    Let's start out selfishly. 2012 was the year that saw my friend and I complete the Southern portion of the Appalachian Trail. I get that such journeys aren't for everyone, but I promise you this -- if you ever decide to strap on a 40-pound pack and walk up and down 2,500-foot inclines, you'll realize that there's very little difference between the trail you hike and the life you lead. And when you stand atop a rocky bluff that was particularly difficult to reach? You'll realize why you continue to pour in the effort that you do -- both in your hike and in your life. There are metaphors in the hills, my friends. And for that I'm eternally thankful.
  • mama son bond 2 of 13
    mama son bond
    But not everything has to be so arduous, right? Some of the best things in life come naturally. Like a bond between a mama and her baby boy. Getting to see that bond continue to develop in 2012 has been one of the greatest privileges I can ever recall.
  • daddy son bond 3 of 13
    daddy son bond
    So, too, has been having the opportunity to create my own bond with Luke. Remember, Alli was well past the baby stage by the time I came on the scene. So the only infant experience I've ever known came in triplicate. And there's something so easy and slow about experiencing one at a time. (Comparatively speaking, of course!) And in that pace, I've reveled in the bond that Luke and I are creating.
  • firsts, firsts, and more firsts 4 of 13
    firsts, firsts, and more firsts
    But 2012 was great for so many more reasons. Like all the firsts we experienced. NO. It wasn't the triplets' first time swimming. But it was the first year they'd swim without their life jackets. In fact, this photo was taken on the last day they ever wore their life jackets in the pool. As you can tell from Kirby's face, the triplets were prepared to make a splash in 2012. And they all three did just that.
  • gone fishin’ 5 of 13
    gone fishin'
    While down at the beach, we joined another dad and his family on a little fishing expedition. Which meant that for the first time ever, the triplets went fishing. We netted a bunch of shrimp in this canal on the south end of Hilton Head Island and used that shrimp to bait our lines. We pulled out many a redfish that day. It was one we won't soon forget.
  • riding a bike 6 of 13
    riding a bike
    Speaking of things we won't soon forget, learning to ride a bike ranks among them. In a year that was full of accomplishments, seeing the triplets shed the training wheels ranked near the top.
  • rope swinging 101 7 of 13
    rope swinging 101
    So, first, you gotta make sure you're working with a good rope / tree setup. Second, you must make certain there's enough room and enough water depth for an easy-to-execute, safe landing. But third, assuming you've found the right spot, teach your kid how to negotiate a rope swing. Redneck? Maybe. But there's a reason why rednecks have so much fun, y'all. Take it from me -- a redneck. But this picture has even more meaning than just the rope-swinging aspect of it. Because it was taken on the first ever camping trip that the triplets went on. That's right. I hauled my wife, Alli and the triplets into the woods for a two-night, three-day extravaganza. Possibly our best weekend of the entire year. (If only Luke had been along with us!)
  • soccer 8 of 13
    2012 was the first year that the triplets played organized sports. Soccer was their game. At that age, teams only have three players playing at any one given time. This, of course, meant that there were plenty of times when it was the Osbornes vs. the other team. We didn't always come out on top. But we did always come out with smiles.
  • speaking of games… 9 of 13
    speaking of games...
    2012 was the year that I finally exposed the triplets to one of my greatest passions -- University of Tennessee football. And they loved it. Can't wait to take them to their first UT basketball game in 2013.
  • the things that come naturally 10 of 13
    the things that come naturally
    But not everything this year centered upon teaching our kids to do this, or exposing our kids to that. Much of this year was about the things that simply happen on their own. Like Jack learning to be such an incredible big brother to Luke.
  • Luke’s big day! 11 of 13
    Luke's big day!
    Or Luke turning one. No one had to teach him to do that.
  • being a family 12 of 13
    being a family
    Just like no one had to teach us how to be a family. We simply are one. By virtue of all the things we do each and every day. A big, fat, hectic, chaotic and (mostly) happy one at that!
  • being cute 13 of 13
    being cute
    Oh. One more thing that no one had to teach us this year. (At least some of us!) Being cute. Because Luke sorta picked that one up all by himself. I know. I said I only had 12 pictures, but this is the 13th. But maybe you can just consider it to be a baker's dozen or something. Because there's something in this shot, and in this beautiful baby boy, that perfectly sums up the wonderful year we've had. I hope you and your family have had a wonderful year, too. And may 2013 be even better, still. Happy New Year, everyone!

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