Ovaries Vote 2012: Fertility is the New Electoral Barometer?

Will you be ovulating on Election Day? If so, a new study claims that your marital status and fertility are predictors of whether you’re voting for President Obama or Mitt Romney.

That’s right! A new report out of the University of Texas, San Antonio claims that based on research, they can tell how women, single or married,  are going to vote based on their monthly menstrual cycles.

Who knew our ovaries could be so politically astute?! Talk about magical uteruses!

I haven’t delved in the authors’ research methods, but their conclusion leads me to ask — if we’re going to rely on hormone levels, or other physical indicators to predict voting behavior, why have campaigns at all?

So much of what has passed for breaking election news has centered on women’s fertility – access to contraception, whether it should be covered by insurance, and, for some, whether we should have it at all. In the University of Texas study, the authors specifically chose women who were not taking birth control as their subjects. So what is it about our lady hormones that supposedly make us lean right or left? The study suggests that maybe we feel a little sexier mid-cycle, and if we’re asked to make our voting decision then, we might go for the President, but only if we’re single. You married ladies like Romney when your monthly fertility is at it’s peak!

One Israeli researcher, who has studied the effects of stress on voter choices, offers an alternate explanation:

“Research has shown women prefer more ‘manly men’ when they are in their most fertile phases of the cycle. Obama and Romney are both handsome, in good physical shape and could fit the type of ‘provider of the family,’ so either could fit the ideal, depending on a woman’s preference.”

But I’m still confused, because there are plenty of women voters who aren’t at the peak of child-bearing. What women voters who are infertile? Or how about those of us who are in the peri-menopausal or menopausal stages of life? And if we’re going to rely on hormones, how can we use this report to figure out if a man with erectile dysfunction votes differently from those who have no need for Cialis or Viagra?

This somewhat dubious study first got traction when CNN posted the story. Shortly after CNN started getting ridiculed for posting anything about it, the news network retracted it’s own report.  But the study itself still stands even if some of the news stories have been deleted.

If additional research is getting done on this theory, I have one more question — did Hillary Clinton lose in the 2008 presidential campaign because we let our hormones do the choosing?

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Image via Joanne Bamberger. All rights reserved.

Article Posted 3 years Ago
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