Partisan Baby Names: Are You on the Right or Left?

Who knew that partisan politics were at play when it comes to naming your baby? Well, not politics per se, but a recent survey at BabyNameWizard revealed an interesting fact that I would never have guessed — there’s a growing trend in naming babies that can help you figure out if their parents are liberal or conservative!

Well, at least whether they live in a left-leaning or right-leaning state.  I would have thought that lefty states would be home to moms and dads who are still choosing “interesting” names from the hippie days, like Blossom or Dharma or Phoenix! (Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with any of those names!) And that those in somewhat redder areas of the country would opt for tried and true, solid names such as William and Mary.

But it turns out that if your child’s name is along the traditional lines of, say, Elizabeth, Abigail or John, your state probably favored President Obama in the last election and — surprise! — if you like the way Paislee or Liberty sound, your state probably liked John McCain better.

That seemed a little counter-intuitive to me, so I decided to poll some of the Babble Voices parents to see if that red state vs. blue state naming trend holds out for their kids!

  • Ian and Claudia 1 of 11
    Ian and Claudia
    Ian and Claudia are true red staters -- born in one red state and living in one that usually has gone red in past presidential elections. But I know Sarah, and she's got something of an independent streak when it comes to her political leanings, so I'm guessing her children will turn out that way, too! Image courtesy That's Right. You Heard Me. with goon squad sarah
  • Elsa and Clio 2 of 11
    Elsa and Clio
    These lovely ladies live in a VERY blue state, but their names don't fit the super traditional mold of the baby name survey. Their mom points out that Clio is the name of a Greek muse. I'm betting that daughter/muse comes in handy if her moms ever gets writer's block! It remains to be seen if either one will be a voting muse! Image courtesy Baby Squared with Jane Roper
  • Quinn and Grey 3 of 11
    Quinn and Grey
    These red state kids have "grandparent" names, according to their mom, Megan who says her state likes its politics the same color of its favorite lipstick! Megan points out that old-fashioned names are on trend now, so she's not sure what that says about their family politics. Image courtesy Threadbare Theory with Megan Jordan
  • Jackson 4 of 11
    Jackson's mom says they live in "a Ronald Reagan-worshiping town that sits snugly within an Obama-loving state." But politics had nothing to do with his name choice. His mom Eden says she wasn't thrilled with her own unusual name, so she wanted to make sure her son had something a bit more "straight-laced." Image courtesy The Popcorn Whisperer with Eden Kennedy
  • Alexis 5 of 11
    Yes, Alexis and her mom, Karen, live in a VERY red state, but they didn't name their daughter Alexis to be on trend with the current naming phenomenon. It's a family name they wanted to pass on to their daughter. Image courtesy Bliss Your Heart with Karen from Chookooloonks
  • Michael and Sofia 6 of 11
    Michael and Sofia
    Another set of siblings living in a red state, Michael and Sofia don't fit the baby name survey trend, either. Maybe they'll move to a blue state when they grow up? Image courtesy mamifesto with Jeannette Kaplun
  • Rachel 7 of 11
    Anyone who knows me, knows my politics aren't anywhere close to red, but our family does fit the trend of the survey -- we live in a blue state, but chose a more traditional name for our daughter in remembrance of a family member whose name also started with the letter "R." While her name is a bit on the conservative and traditional side, I'm pretty safe in saying this 'tween is leaning toward her mom's views of the world! Image courtesy PunditMom's Spin Cycle with Joanne Bamberger
  • Camila 8 of 11
    Camila and her mom Ana live in a VERY blue state, but politics had nothing to do with choosing the name Camila. According to Ana, "I just liked the sound of it!" Image courtesy Besos with Ana Flores
  • Max and Sabrina 9 of 11
    Max and Sabrina
    A couple more kids from a pretty blue state, Max and Sabrina's weren't names chosen for any political reason or leaning. Their mom Ellen says their names were chosen to honor family members. Image courtesy 1000 Perplexing Things About Parenthood with Ellen Seidman
  • Mallory, Mason and Morgan 10 of 11
    Mallory, Mason and Morgan
    These three live in a blue state, but some conservatives are hoping for a red victory there this year. If the somewhat non-traditional names of these three children are any indication, the Republicans might want to spend a little time campaigning there. Image courtesy of Mocha Momma Has Something to Say with Kelly Wickham
  • Harry 11 of 11
    Harry is a name that's probably a little on the conservative side for the red state he lives in, but his mom Laura points out their home is in a pretty blue-leaning town, so in a way the political theory holds out for this guy! Image courtesy of Hitting Refresh with Laura Mayes

Do you think this theory holds water?  Do your children’s names follow this red state vs. blue state philosophy?


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