Paying For Grades


School is in full swing and for some areas, the second round of report cards/grades are just around the corner.

I’ve heard so many conversations lately about grades and money for grades.

Is it bribery?

Is it motivation?

Is it teaching life skills?


How do you feel about grades for green?

Do you think that if you pay your children for grades, you are depriving them of the joy of accomplishment for the sake of accomplishment?

If you pay your children for grades, are you teaching them that achievements are only worth the dollar sign placed on them?


Is it akin to a bonus an adult gets at a job?

In the adult world, the highest performers are rewarded monetarily for reaching and achieving goals set for them.

The bonus, the pay, the dollars are what make many adults work harder and longer.

If we pay our kids for grades, are we teaching them real world skills or bribing them and depriving them?

What’s your stance?


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