How to Plan Your Holiday Looks in 7 Easy Steps — With Just Your Tablet


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Do you frequent holiday parties? What about holiday travel? It seems I do both every year, and one of my most daunting travel-related issues is what to pack, clothes-wise. If your experience is anything like mine, an abundance of out-of-town holiday gatherings are staring you down and you need to keep your packing choices streamlined and simple.

Well, I think I’ve found my answer, and it’s called Style Me on my Surface tablet and Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone. It’s been incredibly helpful this year – I can essentially reference and plan my outfits from my couch, which is pretty much a dream.

By using my Surface tablet to photograph items in my closet, I can sort, mix and match, and come up with all of my holiday looks, which obviously makes packing a breeze. Here’s how!

  • Snap Pics of Your Clothes 1 of 7

    I shot these photos with my Surface tablet camera so I could upload directly to the Style Me app.

  • Make a Clothing Inventory 2 of 7

    Once you upload the photos, you can see your entire inventory within the app. It makes mixing and matching so easy.

  • The Main Menu 3 of 7

    From the main menu, you can work with your wardrobe, choose combos, plan packing, or start a wishlist of items.

  • Today’s Outfit Combo 4 of 7

    I chose this casual combo for running errands around town. Easy peasy!

  • The Guesswork Is Gone 5 of 7

    Pre-picked combos are the best time saver. It takes about 10 seconds to get dressed!

  • Choose Items From Shelves 6 of 7

    This makes planning party attire so easy - no more staring vapidly into your closet. These three items will be perfect for a little holiday cocktail soiree...

  • Cocktail Party, Ahoy! 7 of 7

    Voilá! Party outfit complete.