Prom: According to Austin

prom 014cLast night, both my son who is a senior, and my daughter who is a junior, attended their high school’s prom. I thought I’d write about the whole prom experience from my point of view, but realized that my view basically includes bills and driving around and it really isn’t too entertaining. So, instead I decided to write two posts: one from my son’s perspective and one from my daughter’s because their takes on the same event are quite different.

As far as I can tell, this is how it works.

The boy will ask the girl to prom in a creative and romantic way that outdoes his friends. He’ll order a corsage and a tux (whatever combination in the Big Book of Tux Pictures looks good). He’ll probably get a haircut after his mom tells him he’s looking shaggy, and insists he get one. On the day of the event, he’ll shower, dress, and show up when and where his date has instructed him to go. He’ll grudgingly stand still, or ham it up like a goofball for pictures.

For the girl’s version of prom, click HERE.

So, here is prom according to my son:

  • Austin 1 of 24
    "Hey Austin, shouldn't you be getting ready for prom?" "Why? I don't have to be ready until 6:30." "Okay then."
  • Austin Still 2 of 24
    Austin Still
    "Shouldn't you start getting ready now?" "Nah, I have time." "Okay then."
  • Austin STILL 3 of 24
    Austin STILL
    "Savannah's already done her hair, nails, and makeup. Shouldn't you like take a shower or something?" "Eh." "Okay then."
  • Austin is Apparently Never Going to Get Ready 4 of 24
    Austin is Apparently Never Going to Get Ready
    "Hey Aj, I really think you should... what the heck? You're sleeping?"
  • Austin’s Shoes 5 of 24
    Austin's Shoes
    I was surprised when he chose these shoes, but they totally fit his 'against the grain' personality. I could see him wearing these every day "just because".
  • Cufflinks 6 of 24
    My jeans & T-shirt son had no idea how to use cufflinks. Unlike the time I had to spend an hour watching Youtube videos on tying a tie, this was easy to show him.
  • Where’s Your Coat? 7 of 24
    Where's Your Coat?
    I found your coat! Clayton just had to get in the action. Either that or he's the world's youngest maître d'.
  • Come Here, Clay! 8 of 24
    Come Here, Clay!
    Fine, you want in the action, little brother? Come here and give me a big kiss . . .
  • Huh? 9 of 24
    Judging by the horrified expression on his face, he doesn't want a kiss.
  • Austin Being, um Austin 10 of 24
    Austin Being, um Austin
    For the next 20 pictures I snapped, Austin looked constipated. I was almost ready to get him some prunes.
  • Really, Austin? 11 of 24
    Really, Austin?
    I think this is about the time Savannah decided she was done taking pictures with her brother.
  • That’s not a Smile 12 of 24
    That's not a Smile
    Austin, just look natural. Or, wait, we've already seen your natural look. Just give me a real smile!
  • THIS is a Smile 13 of 24
    THIS is a Smile
    "Do it like this, Austin. See, this is a real smile." Brooklyn's happy to give advice on being a model.
  • Finally! 14 of 24
    That's great, Austin! What a nice picture! Can I get a couple more?
  • I Guess Not 15 of 24
    I Guess Not
    I knew it was too good to be true. I think we need to take a break. What are your siblings up to?
  • Hey Mom, Look What I Can Do! 16 of 24
    Hey Mom, Look What I Can Do!
    Jackson wasn't getting enough attention, I guess. Or maybe he was bitten by a radioactive spider.
  • Peek-a-Boo 17 of 24
    I guess Lexi wanted to see what was going on while remaining incognito. Now that we know what the siblings are up to, let's get a couple more shots . . .
  • The Teenage Duck-Girl Face 18 of 24
    The Teenage Duck-Girl Face
    Austin, you scare me. We're done with pictures until your girlfriend arrives.
  • Austin and Codi 19 of 24
    Austin and Codi
    I really like this picture, not just because it's a cute picture of the two of them, but because apparently Austin can act older than a 4-year-old when she's around.
  • Corsage 20 of 24
    Here, captured on film is that awkward moment when the boy tries to fasten the bracelet of the wrist corsage.
  • Boutonnière 21 of 24
    That awkward moment when the girl tries to pin the flower to the boy's lapel without stabbing either of them in the process.
  • Dating 22 of 24
    They not only went to prom together, but they've been dating for almost a year. He first asked her out on "Star Wars Day", May the fourth (be with you) because that's how they roll.
  • Cute Couple 23 of 24
    Cute Couple
    See? You add a girl in the pics and the constipation faces and goofing off stops.
  • One Lucky Guy 24 of 24
    One Lucky Guy
    Austin not only went with his girlfriend, but also a bunch of her dateless friends. Austin and five girls. Not bad odds, I guess.

That’s pretty much where Austin’s prom story ends because he didn’t take pictures while at dinner or prom. His girlfriend, on the other hand, has pictures because that’s what girls do. He had a great time and was glad he went despite his earlier profession that he didn’t want to attend.

To see his sister’s version of prom, click HERE.

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