Prom: According to Savannah

prom 018bLast night, both my son who is a senior, and my daughter who is a junior, attended their high school’s prom. I thought I’d write about the whole prom experience from my point of view, but realized that my view basically includes bills and driving around and it really isn’t too entertaining. So, instead I decided to write two posts: one from my son’s perspective and one from my daughter’s because their takes on the same event are quite different.

As far as I can tell, this is how it works.

The girl has to shop for the perfect dress. She must bring a pack of friends along on this quest to gather many opinions, to make sure no one else buys the same dress, for zipper help, and for companionship when they stop for soft pretzels and frappuccinos. She has to find shoes that will go beautifully with the dress even though they’ll undoubtedly cause blisters and possibly a broken ankle. She needs to find jewelry that will complement her dress and a dainty clutch that will house her cell phone and lipgloss for the evening. She needs to order a boutonnière that will smartly match her dress. She will text all her friends and arrange who will be meeting when and where, whose house will be party central, who is going to be sleeping over where, and  she’ll make sure to fill her date in on the itinerary. On the day of prom, she’ll shower, conditioner and remove any and all hair from her body.  Appointments will be made or she’ll enlist the help of friends and family to do her hair and nails. She’ll carefully dress and plaster a smile on her face while the parent paparazzi take hundreds of photographs.

For the boy’s version of prom, click HERE.

So, here is prom according to my daughter:

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  • Nails 1 of 21
    Savannah asked if she could have a nail appointment. I told her, "Sure, but then I can't afford to buy you shoes. Your choice." She made due with press-on nails which were a treat since she has to keep her nails super-short during water polo season.
  • Hair 2 of 21
    I didn't make her a hair appointment either because I love playing with my girls' hair and can usually come up with a pretty cool updo, if I do say so myself.
  • Makeup 3 of 21
    While her brother was busy lying around, Savannah was busy doing the whole beauty ritual.
  • Curls 4 of 21
    I thought her hair was pretty just like this, but I braided tiny strands of hair with silvery thread and pinned it all on top of her head.
  • Voila! 5 of 21
    Not too shabby. Plus it didn't cost anything. Plus, she was able to apply her makeup while I curled her hair. That's multitasking!
  • Shoes 6 of 21
    Savannah picked out cute, strappy, 4 inch heels. I told her I feared the night would end with a broken ankle. She said, "Silly Mom, I'm kicking them off as soon as I get to prom." I'm glad the shoes were cheap. Brooklyn had fun clomping around in them though!
  • Flash Clay 7 of 21
    Flash Clay
    Clayton just couldn't resist running back and forth as I tried to take pictures. Look at Savannah's composure though. She's a professional!
  • Oh Clayton 8 of 21
    Oh Clayton
    Bring out a camera and Clay has to jump in front of it. Literally.
  • Walking 9 of 21
    Savannah quickly learned the finer points of walking in spiked heels through grass without sinking.
  • Brother and Sister 10 of 21
    Brother and Sister
    This is probably the only nice picture I got of these two. Every other picture had either a Clayton-shaped blur, Austin looking like he needed to poop, or Savannah laughing.
  • Like This 11 of 21
    Like This
    Okay kids, photo shoot is over. On to Savannah's friend's house.
  • Savannah and Kyle 12 of 21
    Savannah and Kyle
    Kyle is a boy on the water polo team. At first I thought they were going to prom as friends, but according to Facebook they're in a relationship. It's official if it's on Facebook.
  • Corsage 13 of 21
    The poor guys have to try and fasten the bracelet around the girls' wrist with a dozen parents looking on and snapping pictures. Good job!
  • Pretty 14 of 21
    Savannah intends to keep this and is searching the internet for ideas on how to preserve it. Any tips?
  • Boutonnière 15 of 21
    Then it's the girl's turn to attempt to attach the flower to the boy's lapel under the scrutiny of assorted parents.
  • The Girls 16 of 21
    The Girls
    Aren't they lovely? Prom dresses have come a long way since the poofy Gunne Sax era of the 1980s.
  • Savannah and Kyle 17 of 21
    Savannah and Kyle
    I may have sort of told Kyle I have a gun and know how to use it. I don't, of course, but felt it was my duty to warn him. Although, in hindsight, I think Savannah could probably take him if it came down to it. (And just to be clear, he seems like a nice boy with a great sense of humor and I probably shouldn't have given him such a hard time.)
  • Savannah and Kaitlyn 18 of 21
    Savannah and Kaitlyn
    This was the first friend Savannah made when we moved here and they're still great friends. In fact, Savannah has her own toothbrush at Kaitlyn's house, she spends so much time there!
  • The Group 19 of 21
    The Group
    It finally stopped raining so we could get a few pictures outside. There are so many gorgeous places with flowers and fountains around here, but the weather wouldn't cooperate for us.
  • The Group by the Pool 20 of 21
    The Group by the Pool
    I feel like prom is a lot like a wedding. The dresses, the tux rentals, the girls and guys posing like bridesmaids and groomsmen for pictures... Thankfully, it doesn't come attached a wedding-sized price tag. Not quite anyway.
  • Savannah and her Coach 21 of 21
    Savannah and her Coach
    Unlike my son, Savannah came home with a bunch of pictures taken at prom. Here she is with the water polo coach she adores.

She had a great time with all her friends! I knew she would. And me? I got to relive the excitement of prom through my kids! I got to help my kids pick out their clothes and get ready for their night. I got to hear all the details of the evening today! And I learned that I’m no longer capable of staying up until 3:00 AM. Thankfully, I only have to do this 9 more times or less. Until the weddings start that is . . .

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