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Rebecca Woolf is the author of the blog, Girl's Gone Child and the book Rockabye: From Wild to Child (Seal Press, 2008) and is a regular panelist on Rebecca's essays have appeared in dozens of anthologies including the recent, Crush: 26 Real-Life Tales of First Love and was a finalist in the 2011 Bloggies for "Lifetime Achievement."

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48 Hours of Food (& Drink)

By Rebecca Woolf |

I had to wait until after lunch to write this post because I don’t know how to stare at this kind of food without wanting to jump back on a plane and fly to where it comes from.

It was that good.

Let me preface by saying I (used to/typically) stay away from all things with faces. And then I got pregnant and lived on turkey sandwiches. And then I gave birth and binged on sushi-takeout. (I stopped eating turkey, when the girls were born but have been giving in to fish cravings every month of so. Pescatarianism?) But the last time I ate this much fish? Never.

But. As was the theme of this trip: LIVE IT UP FOR 48 HOURS OR DIE!. So? I ate like a medieval king who is also a merman. I ate like a medieval King Triton.



When we checked into our room we were greeted by champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.


And the strawberries were quite dapper, I do say:


Not only were they wearing tuxedos, there were SIX of them! Complete with mommy & daddy strawberries which, aw. Or at least, it was “aw” until I was reminded via Instragram that last time we had a romantic night (with six chocolate covered strawberries! sans tuxedo) I got pregnant with twins. NOT THIS TIME, FRIENDS! Not this time.

Fast forward a few hours later when we found ourselves @ Rivals Waterfront Sports Grille for dinner where we watched the Heat/Celtics game. (When in Rome) and I pretended to care about the score.

“Go…. team! Rah!”


The chef brought us an endless stream of amazingness that included some of the best crab cakes of all time, mini quesadillas with fresh salsa and homemade guac and tons of other stuff that I am totally forgetting but was incredible.



Oh, yeah. And champagne. Because, booyah, romance. BOO. YAH.


(Speaking of boo, here is mine, post-toast. Doesn’t he look pumped? He is pumped.)

And then came the main course (I mean…) which included some of the most incredible risotto of all time.


For dessert we had the most incredible coconut sorbet which I totally forgot to photograph.. Probably because it was drowning in vodka and we had just polished off our champagne and I am a terrible lightweight because I drink never. So when I do…

Party time not camera time.

In the morning, we got to utilize the amazing club room for VIPs (which we got to pretend we were) and dine fancily on fruit and bagels, fresh juice and coffee.


The area was gorgeous. Full of light and perfectly coiffed furnishings.


For lunch (because we knew what was coming for dinner) we dined on pita, hummus and mojitos.


Blueberry mojitos. And, yes, also champagne…


(It’s a bellini, actually. Bellinis are my fave.)

And then there was dinner. Oh, man. We purposefully changed our reservation so we could spend a good three hours at Hollywood Prime (dinner destination extraordinaire) which, is, ideally, how one should eat dinner, instead of the fifteen minute feeding frenzy that is our typical dining experience a la trying to feed four kids (I’m on baby duty while Hal feeds the older kids.)

But! Saturday night? BAM:


fresh bread and toppers


oysters for miles


Truffle-oiled prosciutto (which Hal devoured and said was incredible.)


Lobster bique = beyond

And because lobster was the theme of the evening:


Hal rocked some surf & turf action (with a side of creamed spinach and truffled hash browns.)


We really went for it.


And then we kept going. Because, yeeee-eeyyyuhhh.


creme brulee = me


Cheesecake = Hal


Triton lived well, he did. Triton lived well.


A big thanks to Westin Hotels & Resorts for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to read more of the discussion.


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About Rebecca Woolf


Rebecca Woolf

Rebecca Woolf is the author of the blog, Girl's Gone Child and the book Rockabye: From Wild to Child (Seal Press, 2008) and is a regular panelist on Rebecca's essays have appeared in dozens of anthologies including the recent, Crush: 26 Real-Life Tales of First Love.

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27 thoughts on “48 Hours of Food (& Drink)

  1. Louis says:

    That food honestly looks freakin amazing – the surf and turf looks so good but those tuxedo covered strawberries FTW

  2. Gretchen says:

    Rebecca! This is food pornography! Were you even able to have that much romance after eating that much? Looks amazing.

  3. GirlsGoneChild says:

    @Gretchen – Yeah… Saturday night was (not surprisingly) kind of a wash. And I’ve spent the last four days eating salads and egg whites. Because hi.

  4. Nadia says:

    Oh my goodness, everything looks superb! So glad you were able to getaway. What a fantastic location too!

  5. Gretchen M says:

    Dude – that food looks amazing! You didn’t say what the 2nd lobster dish was (under the bisque) was it hot or cold?

  6. @Gretchen M It was an ENTIRE pound of Maine lobster. Butter braised. Hot. And I mean HOT (bomp chicka)

  7. Joyce says:

    Holy crab cakes. I’ve been reading the other Babble trip posts with a mild sense of envy, but this food porn post just made me crumble with jealousy. Amazing. I might have just licked my iPad.

  8. Amelia says:

    Good job, team! I am kiiiiiiiiiiiind of freaking out about this…must mention a lobster braised second honeymoon to my lovah, must indeed! :)

  9. Lydia says:

    There should be a warning on this post: Don’t read while hungry!! Haha! Seriously, i would be happy with JUST those strawberries or the homemade guac! So jealous of all this yummy food!

  10. Michelle says:

    There are no words for how good that all looks!! So hungry now!

  11. verdemama says:

    Looks amazing! And I just have to say, thank you for not using that horrible slideshow feature Babble uses on pretty much all their photo posts. Seriously, whenever I see there’s a click-through slideshow, I don’t even bother. I’m glad I got to see all your mouthwatering pics!

  12. Jolene says:

    SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS!!! And from a foodie perspective, I’m REALLY impressed that the hotel food was so good. Usually I feel like the food at hotels is rather bland, since they’re already giving you lodging and whatnot. Looks like an awesome weekend of indulgence :)

  13. Wendy says:

    Thanks a lot, it’s 10:30 AM and now i’m officially craving all kinds of sea food and desserts! Looks awesome though!

  14. MrsK says:

    Food porn!! Huzzah!! Also, I learned that the romancing must commence between the pita and hummus ‘snack’ and the AH-mazing dinner. On my honeymoon oh so long ago I had such a routine to have the romancing done in the afternoon after pool or ocean and a shower but before a nap! Woo!

  15. Selena says:


    Want. All. The. That.

    & That. & That. Oh, the everything. Those chocolate covered strawberries? Over the top adorable. It’s hard to pick which dish wins all the prizes based on looks alone, so I’m just gonna go out on a limb and believe you when profess to have been food porned out.

    More luxury for the bloggers, yes please.

  16. macki says:

    Is it weird that I just imagined myself diving into the lobster bisque and going for a swim? I could just gulp my way out of the bowl.

  17. HannahK says:

    I haven’t wanted something this badly since…..ever. That all looks too incredible. there are no words

  18. sunny chanel says:

    Seriously jealous right now. That is 48 hours that I would so like to have for myself. A couple of days dining on that fine cuisine? Sign me up! And the creme burlee, i would like to bath in that.

  19. Mommyfriend says:

    Oh. My. Wow. It looks like you were treated like a celebrity! The food and beautiful spaces look amazingly divine. What a wonderful getaway for romance! Food, drink, and L-O-V-E! I’m glad you had such an amazing time in such a beautiful place – well deserved!

  20. Amy Anderson says:

    It is hard to choose what I think is the best out of everything – because it all looks so good – but I think I’d have to pick the blueberry mojitos in the club room. Amazing!!

  21. Caryn says:

    The whole thing looks totally amazing (and I don’t even eat fish!). Thanks for sharing such awesome photos!

    My husband and I were fortunate enough to get away for a few days in February and it was the first time we left our children (ages 9, 7 and 7) for more than a single overnight (once for a wedding, once for a funeral). The time we spend with our children is so important to us that I think we lost track of how important it is to have time together (Childless).

    It doesn’t have to be fancy or far (although of course those are fun options!)…but, I want to strongly encourage all parents who do not already do it regularly to find space away as a couple (or alone if you are a single parent). We reconnected, slept in, hung out and talked just enough about our children to remember how important they are in our lives. BUT, we also talked about where we are in our own lives. We had awesome, amazing conversations that we’d NEVER had made the time or space for amidst the clutter of our daily lives — activities, car pools, groceries, homework and lunches.

    We came back refreshed and energized…and with renewed energy for our children.

  22. DadCAMP says:

    I love going to hotels and their pretty food to get ideas of what I could do at home.
    While all of that food look ridiculously good, I think the only things in my league are the tuxedo strawberries and blueberry mojitos. STILL .. excellent finds, and photos – thanks for the tips!

  23. Casey Mullins says:

    Feed me all of those things.

    So many hotel restaurants serve, well, lame food. If I can stay in the hotel and not have to leave to quiet the rumblies in my tumblies? Score. (And that room, that room is AMAZING.)

  24. laurenjimeson says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. Every single picture made me want to eat what you were having. This looks amazing. I am a lobster girl and that looked like the best lobster plate ever. I envy you and your amazing food.

  25. Michelle Horton says:

    Forget the cabana. Forget the beach. THIS is reason enough for me.

  26. Meghan says:

    48 hours of food & drink is pretty much my ideal vacation.

    I would kill for one of those blueberry mojito/bellinis right now. They look delicious. Whatever they are.

  27. nazneen says:

    It seems that foods and ambiances are too good and every pictures made me crazy that one time in life try this food. Specially cheese cake is look so good …

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