reconnecting home


We’re back from our incredibly awesome, whirlwind visit to Bath, England — my husband is British, and we took the opportunity to fly out for the long weekend to visit family.  It was an amazing time, full of incredible moments that I’ve very grateful for.  I’m very lucky to have the family that I have.

But you know what?  I’m also very happy to be back home.  There’s just something about sleeping in your own bed, isn’t there?  And happily, we seem to have brought the English weather back to Houston with us, so while we haven’t prepared our house for Christmas yet, the chill in the air has started me thinking in that direction, and has been perfect for bundling up and settling back down into our warm little routine.

And it’s been lovely.

So, as always, here are some of the scenes I’ve been able to capture since we returned home, for which I’m incredibly grateful:





This time of year just lends itself to gratitude, don’t you think?  How has your week been — what’s been awesome?

Happy Gratitude Friday, friends.  Tell me something good.