Remember Film? Introducing My Daughter to 35mm


I went to the store the other day looking for 35mm film…remember that? I went to Target and a few other places but no luck. It’s so hard to find now unless you go online or to a specialty camera store. I finally found some at Walgreens.

I wanted to teach my daughter about film…kind of like how I had to teach her what a rotary phone was after she saw one in a movie. To make this introduction a little more fun, I thought we would make one of those old pinhole cameras…basically a box with a small pinhole to let light in. Here’s the camera we made over the weekend:


And here’s what we made it from:


My daughter pretty much thought I was crazy at first…why on earth would we go to so much trouble to make a camera where you can’t see your photos immediately?  When we finally got our photos back from the 1 hour photo (I couldn’t bear to tell her that there used to be a time when it took a few days to get your photos processed), she was more excited than I was to see what we ended up with. There is something nostalgic about having to “wait and see”…


Here is my daughter taking her first real “film” photo:


The photos turned out pretty awesome for our first attempt…check them out in the gallery:

  • Korean Statues 1 of 5
    Korean Statues
    Boo's first photo....featuring 2 Korean statues. I love the grainy texture of this photo and the imperfections.
  • Self Portrait 2 of 5
    Self Portrait
    This was a photo I took of myself. I left the camera on the ground and ran to the steps for 10 seconds and then ran back. That's why it's "double" exposed.
  • St. Francis 3 of 5
    St. Francis
    A little blurry but you can make him out. The shutter had to be open for about 40 seconds here and it's hard to hold the camera still as a 5-year-old!
  • Old Fire Truck 4 of 5
    Old Fire Truck
    We found this old fire truck down the road. The bluish tint is a result of lomography film in the shade.
  • Ford 5 of 5
    This was a closeup of the front of the old firetruck.


Want to make a pinhole camera of your own? Check out the entire tutorial here:



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