Repurpose Halloween Costumes for Imaginative Play

Repurpose Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2013 might be over, but that’s no reason to pack away the costumes or donate them to charity. They don’t need to be relegated just to trick or treating…repurpose Halloween costumes!

In my house “Halloween” costumes are year-round staples. My kids don costumes for seemingly no reason all the time.

And I love it.

Wearing a costume nearly immediately catapults kids into imaginary worlds. It’s like they leave reality behind and their creativity explodes. Kids and costumes go hand in hand, because childhood is all about imagination and pretending.

I’ve known people to pay good money for items for the kids to play “dress up.” There’s never a need for that. Halloween costumes ARE dress up clothes. Just because they serve a purpose for trick or treating or whatever your family’s Halloween traditions are doesn’t mean they can’t find tons of use for dress up  and other imaginative play.

Here’s a bonus tip: another great source of costume fodder is your local thrift store. Hats, accessories, a random 70′s era t-shirt…they can often be found and make for great costume staples.

Want a glimpse into my kids repurposing their Halloween costumes, you say? Here you go!

  • I have a crazy idea! 1 of 6
    What if we mixed our halloween costumes- disney xfinity

    Why don't we wear our costumes every day?

  • We can play them while we’re playing video games! 2 of 6
    Disney Xfinity mix and match fun halloween costumes

    It's called multitasking, Mom. 

  • Wearing costumes all year-round imparts super powers. 3 of 6

    See how high I can jump?

  • In fact, video games are easier when you’re in costume. 4 of 6
    Fun Mix and match halloween costumes from Disney Xfinity 2

    You see, you don't need "cheats" when you're in costume. 

  • Captain Jack Sparrow knows no limits. Halloween? Pfffft. 5 of 6

    Arrrrrr, matey. That's how Captain Jack Sparrow rolls. 

  • Well, that is until the rest of the Woody costume showed up on the scene. 6 of 6
    There's a snake in my boot. Fun with Disney Mix and match halloween costumes

    Yes, that's a snake wearing a Woody boot. I have no idea. 

What do you do with your kids’ Halloween costumes?

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