Road Trips: According to the Osbornes [Video]


You know what’s awesome? Road trips.

Total lie. They suck and you know it. Well, they didn’t used to. Back in the day when it was just me and coupla my jackass buddies headed to the beach, they were great. But now that they involve five children and, more notably, my feisty wife? They’re trainwrecks.

Well, that might be a touch harsh. They’re not trainwreck-trainwrecks, but they’re no picnic, either. I mean, how could they be given how differently my wife and I approach them?

Does that sound familiar? Do you and your spouse have different philosophies when it comes to road trips? If so, I have a feeling this video might ring true to you. Give it a spin — it’s a down-and-dirty of how road trips go down in our family.

And that stuff Caroline says about me. It’s not true. (And you’ll not get me off that statement for what it’s worth…)

One quick note — make sure you set it to its highest setting (720p HD). It makes a big difference. Hope you enjoy…