Roast A Chicken; Eat For A Week


So I’ve been slowly transitioning to Gluten-Free living. This is a challenge for me because, well…I love eating and food, and I tend to eat my emotions which usually doesn’t leave a lot of room for dietary restrictions. But I did manage to stick to a vegetarian diet for over a decade (after somewhat arbitrarily deciding to take it on at age twelve), and if I could make such a drastic diet change as a pre-teen, then surely I could do it now when my health (read: abdominal comfort) is at stake.

Except wait…when I was twelve my Mom cooked all my meals. Now I cook all of another small human’s meals and mostly just eat the tiny tyrant’s leftovers in between games of hide-and-seek. But with my new lifestyle-to-be hanging in the bounds, it looks like the kitchen and I are about to get a little more friendly. My first goal? To make a soup every Sunday night to keep for quick meals during the week. For this week’s chicken noodle I decided to start with a chicken I roasted myself. I’m shocked and awed by how far that one night of cooking and prep has gotten me towards a gluten-free week. (I’m also going to have to get over how offended I am by a whole raw chicken. My inner vegetarian apparently still controls my gag reflex.) Point being when I saw how much chicken came off those bones after a night of crock-potting, I set a new cooking challenge for myself — to finish off every bit of that bird (I’ll spare you the part where I made dog treats).

Here are the five easy, awesome chicken-centric recipes that we went off of this week:

  • Roast Me Baby 1 of 5
    Roast Me Baby
    I kicked things off with a simple roast chicken recipe and we ate our fill with broccoli and quinoa. When we were done I dropped the leftovers, bones and all into my crockpot overnight. By morning the chicken had easily separated from the bone leaving us with more meat than I knew what to do with. Well...almost.
  • Chicken Soup For Your Mouth’s Soul 2 of 5
    Chicken Soup For Your Mouth's Soul
    Adding celery, carrots, and everything else in my produce drawer along with egg noodles and about 1/3 the leftover shredded chicken yielded delicious chicken noodle soup.
  • Chicken Quesadillas 3 of 5
    Chicken Quesadillas
    My favorite. And now my daughter's favorite too. Here's a simple recipe.
  • Curry Chicken Salad 4 of 5
    Curry Chicken Salad
    I ate mine on that heaven sent Udi's gluten free bread, but you can eat yours however you want. Martha's recipe is beyond.
  • Chinese Chicken Salad 5 of 5
    Chinese Chicken Salad
    Using the remaining shredded chicken, we'll have a chinese chicken salad with dinner tomorrow. The dressing kind of makes it.


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