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Allana Harkin is a Canadian writer/actor who is best known to American audiences as Dan's Mom from Nick Jr.'s "Dino Dan". In addition to writing and developing shows for TV, Allana's published work includes the hit play "Real Estate" and many humor articles on parenting, most recently for Parents Canada Magazine.

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Hot Dads In The City!

By Allana Harkin |

Yes, Shawn aka Babble's Backpacking Dad, your baby totally makes you look hot.

There is really no other reason for the title of this post other than the fact that yesterday I saw a hot dad with a baby carrier strapped to his chest. I immediately starting singing “Hot Dad In The City” to myself – obviously, to the tune of Canadian Nick Gilder’s 1978 classic “Hot Child In the City”, a title that, in the year 2011, can only makes parents think of over- heated cranky children playing on concrete.

Regardless, I couldn’t get this song out of my head all day long:  at the grocery store, before my audition, after my audition, in the car, at home cooking.  It wasn’t until my husband called me on the fact that I was continuously singing “Hot Dad In the City” (just that, no other lyrics, how repetitive can I get?) that I realized I might be obsessed.

I won’t lie.  There are some seriously hot dads in this city.   And they are wearing their babies with pride.

The man in question that I saw yesterday was in head to toe black (of course) with sunglasses, scraggly just rolled out of bed hair with his newborn daughter outfitted in bright pink staring up at him from her Bjorn.


Is it me, or is the hottest thing out there an involved dad?  Both my daughters are head over heels for their dad, especially the baby.  She loves her momma…but she adores her father.  I think she learned to walk just so she could get to him faster.  And sure, I have felt a pang of jealousy here and there.  She willingly throws hugs and kisses his way where as I have to either beg for them or employ my patented ‘affection soliciting trick’: I wait until she slaps me in the face, pretend I’m crying, and then she feels sorry enough for me that she will kiss me on the lips.  Haha – no really I do this. Sigh.

But at the end of the day there is nothing more attractive than a man who takes on an equal share of the parenting duties.  Regarding a recent Babble Voices post on the role of Dads in parenting one commenter wrote on the Babble FB page:

“It’s a well know fact that whenever anything happens, the first thing the child does is call for mom. When they need things they call for mom…. I think mothers have a bigger influence on children because they carried the child in their womb and that bond is irreplaceable. This doesn’t mean fathers are fading out. Fathers are the stronger side of the family and the glue that holds the family together. Fathers aren’t as involved in things like mothers are, naturally.”

Tell that to my husband who just offered to host a jewelry making party for a bunch of 5 year old girls.  And tell that to my face that just got slapped.  (Seriously. I know I have to stop that).  But I agree with the irreplaceable bond.  It’s there and it’s what makes me weep far too often.  I just think Dads have an equally strong bond that needs to be acknowledged.

And they look hot carrying babies.  Sorry, they just do.

For more on Dads check out Babble’s newest Blog.

And please for all that is good in the world post your “Hot Dad” pics on our facebook page.

Damn it!  That song is in my head again!

p.s. How does your baby daddy make you thankful?

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Allana Harkin

Allana Harkin is a Canadian writer/actor who is best known to American audiences as Dan's Mom from Nick Jr.'s "Dino Dan". In addition to writing and developing shows for TV, Allana's published work includes the hit play "Real Estate" and many humor articles on parenting, most recently for Parents Canada Magazine. Read bio and latest posts → Read Allana's latest posts →

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11 thoughts on “Hot Dads In The City!

  1. Barbara says:

    “I think she learned to walk just so she could get to him faster.” LOVE that sentence! And yes, average looking dudes have been known to become startlingly attractive when holding little tots.

  2. Bay at says:

    That’s similar to the “accent effect”- average and even not so attractive men become instantly hotter with an accent (I believe Australian accents win- with Irish and Scottish close). My son would giggle first for his dad, belly laugh for him. I had to pretend not to watch and then pick up pointers on how to make him laugh. Papa still wins with getting the loudest laughs, but my giant pregnant belly forbids me to gallop after him in a way that creates true squeals.

  3. emily says:

    the hottest thing out there IS an involved dad!

  4. Cori says:

    I totally agree. I suddenly find myself wanting to do Will Arnett after watching that show Up All Night. It’s because he’s such a good dad and husband, which makes him way hotter. Remember when we were young and being irresponsible and dirty was hot? OK, that’s still hot. But offering to change the diapers and doing 3 am bottles is way hotter.

  5. Helena says:

    It is a fiction that Dad’s are somehow less because they didn’t have the baby in their womb. When will we get over the fact that equal isn’t equal because it is the the same, it is equal just because it is.

    I also have a daughter who adores her father above all others. I have developed this trick. I ask my daughter if she will hold onto my hugs and kisses for me. Then later on I ask for them back. You should try it. You may just save thousands in therapy bills later on!

  6. Liz says:

    I LOVE this post! My fiance came into our lives 4 years ago when my kids were 4 and I have never been more attracted to him than the first time he called them “our kids” instead of “your kids.” Now, I’m pretty sure they like him more than they like me, he’s the fun one :) There is nothing sexier than an involved dad, and for us that involved dad stepped up for someone else’s kids and is a GREAT dad!

  7. Sascha says:

    Seriously nothing hotter than my husband when I get home and he has my/our two daughters busy, a sleeping baby all while he is doing the dishes and cooking dinner lol DING DING DING !! Aghh it stuck from the marriage retreat we went to last weekend lmao the DING !

  8. Ashley T says:

    My husband looks nothing like how he really is. He’s covered in tattoos and has big arms and a big beard. Lots of people think he’s a “hard ass”. He not at all! Our son (17 months) does things everyday that make him seem older and it makes my husband cry like a baby! He’s so emotional and soft hearted and I think that is what just melts my heart! He lays on the couch with our 2 month old son in one arm and holding our other son in the other arm. He’s such a #1 dad to these babies and his love is all you see! He gives kisses a million times a day to our boys and makes them laugh and helps them learn. He’s a dad. Theres no other way to say it….and he’s damn good at it!

  9. WERNER A says:

    During my sociology undergrad training, I learned of a study suggesting moms and dads have equally footing in bonding with and responding to their children. The so-called “natural” connection between mother and children was really more a result of increased time and attention paid to the children. When dads spent equal or more time with their children, dads reported caring for and bonding with their children in a manner that tradition said was only for moms. Researchers’ observations corroborated dads’ testimony. The anecdotal evidence above supports this conclusion as well. I wish I could find the book in which I read this study but I am afraid it is in my parents’ barn.

    My wife and I are looking forward to having our first baby, a girl. And I am certainly looking forward to carrying our little girl around as much as possible. Thanks for standing up for dads!

  10. Annette says:

    I totaly agree that an involved dad is more attractive, i remeber when my husband first held our daughter, i didn’t realize that you can love your husband even more just because of that look of complete aww and adoration that they have for their child. we are expecting our second child in April and i can’t wait to see that look again as he hold our newest for the first time.

  11. Briane Pagel says:

    As a totally super-involved dad who only ONE TIME kind of lost track of one of his kids… okay, it was THREE times but once was at the zoo and I didn’t even have to TELL my wife about that one because she wasn’t there, so really, I was doing her a FAVOR by explaining to her how I didn’t actually lose the younger twin on the zoo playground, he was just HIDING and isn’t that funny and not grounds for divorce when you think about it…

    … where was I? Oh, yeah: I applaud you for noting how hot dads can be when they are carrying around babies, even if they carry those babies around in a “bjorn,” which is for hippies, instead of a traditional carrier that makes the baby splay out like a starfish. Everyone knows crustaceans are cute, and mollusks doubly so. (I don’t know whether a starfish is a crustacean or mollusk, so I’m playing it safe.)

    The hotness factor is why, even with some of my kids now in their 20s, I carry them around whenever possible. Sure, the five-year-olds are easier to carry, but it really SAYS something when I carry around the 19 year old boy who used to play offensive line for his football team. It says “I can carry this kid around, still, because I am a man,” and it says “I will now need lower back surgery.”

    But, still: Hot, like a mollusk. Or crustacean.

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