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An avid blogger, Sarah James can be found regularly contributing her musings on style, beauty and parenting at her personal blog,, and has been featured on several television shows and print publications. She lives in Southern California with her husband, 6-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter.


Fun with Color Blocking

And this year, one of the best ways to wear color is with color blocks. Color block fashion has become one of the hottest trends for 2014. The definition is pretty simple: It means using two or more blocks of color in an outfit, or creating an ensemble by pairing blocks of solid color together. You can do it with a shirt, pants, skirt, dress, shoes, and even handbags.

Top beauty and style apps

7 Indespensible Beauty and Style Apps

Out shopping and need advice on which product to buy? Wishing you could see what might look good on you? Sitting at home all snug on your couch and just want to check out the latest trends? There’s an app (or two, or three) for all those situations. Below I’ve rounded up some of my favorite apps for the beauty- and style-obsessed.

Matte Foundation

Welcome, Matte (Makeup)

Step aside, shimmery eye shadow and sparkly base. Lately, matte makeup has begun pushing aside the glitter and becoming the newest makeup trend. Thankfully, though, we’re not talking about the heavy, caked-on matte makeup from the 80s. The new stuff gives you a smooth and natural look…but it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard to hide something. This great coverage comes with a shine-free finish that lasts all day.


12 Ingredients You Should Be Adding to Your Smoothies

Smoothies are very forgiving, which means you don’t really need precise recipes. It’s less about tablespoons or rules and more about WHAT GOES IN IT. So let’s talk smoothie ingredients. Here are some things you ought to be adding to your smoothies for yumminess and nutrients. Do some experimentation. Make up your own recipes. Go crazy.


10 Fun Hair Tutorials from Pinterest

We all have those days when we just can’t deal with the long hair. We want to do something different. Maybe spice it up with a ponytail, especially those weeks when nothing seems to go right. Which is why I love all the great hair tutorials you can dig up on Pinterest. These are life-savers on those days when I want to change up my hair, even if it’s just temporarily. Here are a few of my favorites. If you’re needing a change in your ‘do, I hope you’ll find something fun.


Top 10 Skincare Resolutions for 2014

Keeping your skin healthy is important. Not just because a great complexion keeps you looking younger and better, but because healthy skin also impacts your overall well-being. Here are ten of my favorite skincare tips. If you’re the resolution-making type, consider these your ten top skin resolutions for 2014.


Buying Groceries in Bulk

What groceries do you fly through on a monthly basis? There are definitely items that keep my Costco membership up-to-date. (Also, you should really see Kristen’s kids go through apples. Bushels, I say!)

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