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Jessica Ashley wears inappropriately high heels to the playground and is author of the single-mom-in-the-city blog, Sassafrass. Jessica's work appears on Huffington Post Live, GalTime, TakePart, AOL and Yahoo! Shine, where she was a founding senior editor. She’s the mother of one boy, and the proof is in the pile of Star Wars Lego guys at the bottom of her purse.

What Every Single Mom Needs for a Sleepover

No, not the kind with twelve screaming kids who abandon the third showing of Kung-Fu Panda 4 to wage a war between the Lego Friends figures and all the Halo guys dug up from the bottom of Mommy’s purse. Not the kind where adults pay kids in cash to be quiet already way after midnight, MORE »

hello my name is

Stop Complaining About My Kid’s Hyphenated Last Name

When the Ms. Magazine blog featured a post last month on a feminist parenting topic that is recycled more often than plastic deli containers at my mom’s house, I dug in. Again. The post was a forthcoming dissection of the confusion and regret author Careen Shannon feels years after choosing to hyphenate her daughter’s last MORE »

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What Did You Do With All Those Mix Tapes?

My wedding china. A dusty breast pump. Giant-sized Ziploc bags stuffed with hundreds of Little People. Every single article I ever read, wrote about, researched, quoted or highlighted in graduate school. It’s all down in my basement, or was until a few weekends ago, when I filled two recycle bins and a garbage bin full MORE »

Post Most Proud of Title Collage

10 Bloggers: “The Post I’m Most Proud Of”

I’ve written pieces I thought (OK, hoped) were funny, sobbed as I’ve poured out my soul into an essay, done some of the hardcore interview-and-investigative work many of us writers dreamed of as students in j-school, and produced some pretty solid articles on important, empowering and heart-tugging topics. I’ve also written about Jessica Simpson. A MORE »


14 Ways to Strut the Metallics Shoe Trend

One of my biggest fashion buzzes comes from a classic cut or style we all know and wear well made over by an unexpected material. This fall, it’s metallics. Forget black, berry or even emerald — your favorite shift dress minis, clutch bags and moto jackets are now in liquid silver, rusty copper, ornate pewter MORE »

6 Strange Signs You’re in California

We flew across the country to California for five days packed full of wedding festivities, fine dining and walking the beach. The Not Boyfriend was there to stand up alongside a friend, who was marrying a lovely lady, and beyond a little twisting and shouting on the dance floor, I expected sunshine (lots of it), MORE »

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What I Am Replacing 3 Cups of Coffee a Day With

I’d only been laying on the acupuncturist’s table for about two minutes before the inevitable gentle-voiced tsk-tsk about drinking bucket-loads of caffeine a day. I  knew it was coming. I’ve heard it from doctors, my therapist, friends, and my own inner yogi (if she has not yet been buried in coffee bean residue).  I know, MORE »

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Can You Be a Parenting Expert If You Only Have One Child?

I have been writing about parenting as long as I have been a parent, and have been a professional parenting writer most of those nine years as well. I have been a parenting editor at one of the most-viewed women’s lifestyle sites online, have been quoted as a parenting expert in national magazines, interviewed for MORE »

Used with permission from Reddit's omnicidial.

Caking Up is Hard to Do: Divorce by Dessert

Before you have your spouse served with papers, maybe consider serving him a big old slice of divorce dessert. The soon-to-be ex-wife of Reddit poster omnicidial did with this celebreak-up cake for his birthday that’s iced with “Sorry about the divorce!”  rather than HBD or even just the frosting roses everyone loves. The exclamation and MORE »

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