Howdy, Y'all


Welcome to Southern Hospitality!

I’m Rachel, this is me:

photo courtesy of Casey

So is this:

Isn’t my husband adorable? That’s us after 6 hours at a water park.

I’m so excited to start writing this Voices column and share my life and thoughts with y’all.

I thought I’d use this first post as an opportunity to introduce myself…

I just turned 34.

I’m a 7th generation Texan raising two 8th generation Texans.

My daughter, who is known on my blog as Princess, is 8 going on 14 and going into 3rd grade.

My son, known as Monkey, is 5 going on 6 and heading into kindergarten.

I love my Canon and Adobe Lightroom 4, even though I’m still learning both of them and constantly trying to improve my skills while still having fun.

I love to cook and create and play in the kitchen, and I always have…I have vivid memories of standing on a stool in my Granny’s kitchen helping her make chicken fried steaks after school and sticking my fingers into batter bowls and licking them clean while trying to avoid a swat with the wooden spoon.

I love combining my passion for photography and food and sharing my recipes for delicious Southern traditional dishes and more modern ones, too.

I overuse ellipses…

I talk (and write) with lots of exclamation points and I’ve been known to knock things off tables because I use my hands to punctuate my conversations; I actually had a middle school math teacher bet me that I couldn’t go the full 30 minute period without using my hands when I talked…I won, but it was really hard.

I’m Southern to the bone, but sweet tea isn’t actually my favorite and I’m not a fan of cream gravy, but don’t tell anyone…they might pull my Southern Card.

I think that’s it… for now :-)

Thanks for stopping by and I can’t wait to share more of my life with y’all here on Southern Hospitality!

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