School Supply List For Parents


By now your kids are back in school or going back tomorrow, so you’ve probably done your first round of school shopping. Depending on who wrote the list you had, you’re either done, or you’ll have to go back for another round of what the teacher REALLY needs.

But there are supplies parents need when kids go back to school, too. We’re so busy buying crayons and markers for our kids that we often don’t have the supplies we need for ourselves until right when we need them. So here’s your complete School Supply List For Parents. Do you have everything on this list yet?


  • Pen, ballpoint. Blue or black only. No felt-tip. 1 of 8
    Pen, ballpoint. Blue or black only. No felt-tip.
    The beginning of a school year means forms to fill out. Piles and piles of forms, some in triplicate. In twenty years it'll all be online, but for now: ballpoint pens.
  • Tissues. Unscented. 2 of 8
    Tissues. Unscented.
    Either you'll cry when you drop them off because they're getting so big and where did your baby go? Or you'll pick up the germs they bring home from school and pass on to you.
  • Coffee. Caffeinated only. 3 of 8
    Coffee. Caffeinated only.
    Between being up all night filling out forms and getting up in time to make breakfast and pack lunches, you need coffee. Lots of it.
  • A stack of money. In twenty dollar bills only. 4 of 8
    A stack of money. In twenty dollar bills only.
    Lunch money, activity fees, sports equipment, team shirts, musical instruments, field trips, school pictures ... If only you had that magic money booth from the old game show Fantasy.
  • Eye cream. Hypoallergenic. 5 of 8
    Eye cream. Hypoallergenic.
    Between staying up all night filling out forms and working another job to pay for school pictures, and getting up early to get the kids off to school, you have bags and dark circles. A good eye cream will fix that right up for you. (I totally recommend that MaryKay Timewise firming eye cream in the picture.)
  • Mucinex. Adult formula. 6 of 8
    Mucinex. Adult formula.
    Your kids — sweet little disease vectors that they are — have been in school for a few days now, so the first cold they bring you will hit in approximately 5, 4, 3, 2 ... Mucinex > Robitussin.
  • A Time Machine. Delorean preferred but will accept other forms. 7 of 8
    A Time Machine. Delorean preferred but will accept other forms.
    If only you had an extra two to three in the day every day. A time machine would allow you to stop time and catch up for a change.
  • Stain stick. Solid. 8 of 8
    Stain stick. Solid.
    Stain stick gets tempera paint (and a whole bunch of other miscellaneous stuff) out of clothes, including corduroys. Buy the two-pack, and thank me later.


All these items and a new backpack, and you’ll be all set for the school year.



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