See Sadie Eat


Just before she turned three, Sadie cajoled me into giving her ice cream for breakfast and I did it without much guilt. Here’s the thing: when you have a kid who’s well under all the height and weight charts, you don’t want to see them miss a meal. You feel responsible. Unfortunately, Sadie, like me, is not a morning eater. Elby will roll over in her bed in the morning and say, “I’m starving. What’s for breakfast?” as if I’ve forgotten to feed her that month, as if she didn’t just eat a huge dinner the night before. Meanwhile, Sadie will happily go til noon without a bite. Not even a coffee!

It’s not unusual for me to chase Sadie around the house in the morning offering her different breakfast options hoping to spark some enthusiasm for eating. Trader Joe’s strawberry yogurt? Cereal? Breakfast bar? Chocolate chip waffle? Turkey sausage? OH COME ON! String cheese? Chicken nuggets? If it seems pushy it’s because my mood depends on it. This is a child who was only two pounds at birth, who spent a year having to get extra nutrition through a feeding tube and no matter how far from that we’ve traveled, I can still see it clearly in the rear view mirror.

The day a year ago that I gave Sadie a bowl of ice cream for breakfast was the same day that she told me she just wanted ice. Yes, ice cubes for breakfast was her request that day. Sure we all know that ice cubes are delicious -especially the way I make them (the secret is a little extra water). What could I do? I had to get something in her. And that day it was ice cream.

Luckily for me, besides breakfast she eats well, albeit like a typical four-year-old, a bit finicky -one day mac & cheese is her favorite food and the next she hates it- but I don’t let it make me crazy(er).

It’s just that morning time that can get to me. We all know it’s important to get something in them because they are going to preschool and a lot of important learning happens there. Discovering the seasons just can’t go well on an empty stomach.  So the thing is, I”m always ecstatic when I can get her to eat more than a half a mini-waffle. Especially when I don’t have to beg. It’s not attractive.

Remember those Hostess donettes I was carrying on about the other day? Well, the day after I bought them, Sadie ate three of them for breakfast along with a turkey sausage link and a bite of cottage cheese. I practically threw a parade. There’s nothing like the sight of a 27 pound four year old with a frosted devil donette in her mouth! I’m going to be totally honest, she didn’t repeat her feast the following morning but Matilda and Elby did because the donut door had been cracked opened and they kicked it down and stromed through it. I totally get it though. These little suckers are delicious. I’m not saying that donuts should be what’s for breakfast every day but hey, they are great for a treat and are certainly nice dipped in a cup of coffee and actually, if you weigh twenty-six pounds go ahead and eat them every day. Twice a day.










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