Separated by a Common Language

I love learning about other cultures.  I’m so fortunate to have readers from all over the world and they’ve generously shared post cards, letters, pictures, souvenirs, and other great items and information about their homelands over the years.  I think it’s so cool how people in other areas of the world have such different traditions, clothing, housing, ideas, food, etc..  When I was at Target the other day, I took many pictures of some interesting English foods.  I think it’s especially strange how a country that speaks the same language, can have such differences.  For example, apparently “pudding” does not mean the same thing in the U.K. as it does in the U.S.

So, here are a few of the pictures I took.  Maybe I should take a trip to England (at Epcot) and try to figure out what all this is.  Or, better yet, maybe my English readers can explain these products to me.  Please?  Leave me a comment and tell me about these or any other English foods are.  What’s good?  What isn’t?  What are your favorite foods?  What American foods do you not understand? But please, for the love of God, do not offer to send me any samples of Marmite.  Thank you so very much, but no thank you.  Oh yeah, and if you happen to know the guy who posed for the porage oats package, send him my way!

  • Yorkshire Puddings 1 of 17
    Yorkshire Puddings
    This is Yorkshire Pudding?!? I know what pudding is (thanks to Bill Cosby) and this is not it. This is a biscuit! I thought Yorkshire Pudding was a dessert, not something served with meat and potatoes!
  • Rusks 2 of 17
    What makes this product different from a cookie? Easy! It tastes great with yogurt!
  • Porage Oats 3 of 17
    Porage Oats
    Hmmm, wait a minute! No fair! We have a picture of an old Quaker guy on our oatmeal! I want a picture of a muscly Scottish dude! I mean, really, what else says "breakfast cereal" better than a guy in a skirt with a shot put?
  • Flapjacks 4 of 17
    In this country, "flapjacks" is just another word for "pancakes". This stuff looks like pumpernickel bread! Maybe because it has ingredients I've never heard of?
  • Jammie Dodgers 5 of 17
    Jammie Dodgers
    Oooo, oooo, I've heard of these! Oh wait, no, no, it was just the name of the mouse's boat on Flushed Away. (Note to self: stop watching so much kid tv!)
  • Custard Powder 6 of 17
    Custard Powder
    Ahh yes, custard. An ingredient in a traditional English trifle. It's Joey's favorite. "Custard good, jam good, meat goooood"!
  • Marmite 7 of 17
    This looks very much like the Australian treat - Vegemite. For those of you who don't know, Vegemite tastes like evil in a jar.
  • Steamed Puddings 8 of 17
    Steamed Puddings
    So, basically "pudding" means anything but "pudding".
  • Kipper Fillets 9 of 17
    Kipper Fillets
    Mmmm, how can you go wrong with disgusting little fish in a can? And, just so you know, Kipper is also the name of a cartoon dog with an English accent.
  • Cadbury Digestive 10 of 17
    Cadbury Digestive
    Now why would the English take something as wonderful as a cookie and name it "digestive"? It makes one think that these are Pepto Bismal flavored. Ew.
  • Traditional Onions 11 of 17
    Traditional Onions
    Well, I suppose these could come in handy in a martini. A very large martini. A martini served in a fish bowl.
  • Turkish Delight 12 of 17
    Turkish Delight
    I thought this was a fictitious treat from the Chronicles of Narnia. (This is the third mention of a child's show. Reread your note to self, Dawn!)
  • Wine Gums 13 of 17
    Wine Gums
    I like wine. And gum. And it's good to know these are proper sweets. You know, as opposed to the improper kind.
  • Penguins? 14 of 17
    The package doesn't really say what these are, so I can only assume it's penguin meat. Penguin: the other OTHER white meat (and the perfect tea time treat)!
  • Piccalilli 15 of 17
    This appears to be some sort of ground-up veggie paste. I think it's just fun to say. Piccalilli, piccalilli, piccalilli . . .
  • Fiery Ginger Beer 16 of 17
    Fiery Ginger Beer
    I'm thinking root beer, gingerale, and hot sauce. Refreshing. (Don't forget the tums.)
  • Devon Custard 17 of 17
    Devon Custard
    Custard in a can? Do you think this is really custard? Or do you think it's like pudding that isn't really pudding? Or penguin?

Buy Because I Said So! (No penguins were harmed in the making of this book.)

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