Shaun White, Really?


Nowadays it’s hard to find a role model in pop culture that your children can look up to. It seems like all athletes, musicians, and actors and actresses are caught doing something wrong. It’s hard when you’re five years old and really just want to admire someone doing it all: staying off of drugs, out of trouble, and promoting good will. Up until now, Shaun White was our man. He’s so goofy looking and clean, even Target gave him the thumbs up. So, it’s pretty disappointing to see our beloved Shaun White fall from grace.

His mug shot is all over the news. His wild red hair is pulled back and he’s sporting a huge black eye. The story is this: Shaun White has been arrested and charged with vandalism and public intoxication. He has already apologized on Facebook for “any inconvenience it caused my family, friends, business partners, the hotel and their guests.” What about his five year old fans? The kids who sport Shaun White for Target shirts with aliens on skateboards? Where is their apology?

It will be interesting to see how Shaun White handles his fall from grace. He should start by telling his pint size fans that temptations are everywhere, but we need to handle ourselves properly. It’s not enough to be a talented athlete, because the real test is how you will act in the public sphere. Getting a gold medal is amazing and awe-inspiring, but staying classy is more impressive still.

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