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Casey Mullins of moosh in indy is widely known for her unintentional authenticity and honesty on topics ranging from antenatal depression, parenting, pregnancy, and nipple hair. Her ability to relate to others through difficult feelings, situations, emotions and experiences earned her the #19 spot on Babble's Top 100 Mom Bloggers last year. As the mom of two little girls, Addie, born in 2004, and Vivi, born in 2011, Casey finds some of her greatest inspiration, hope, fodder, and embarrassment courtesy of these two wild and precious little people. More than anything, Casey believes in the healing properties of sunshine, the power of naps, the wonder of babies, the magic of birthday cake, and the pure awesome that are cats.


From Graduation to Retirement: 8 Unique and Thoughtful Ways to Say “CONGRATULATIONS!”

Over the years my own parents have developed their own ways of congratulating big and little accomplishments in my own life and while it may seem that society only acknowledges a few major life events, I can speak from personal experience that with all of the technology at our fingertips and in our homes there are more ways than ever to be creative and thoughtful in everything from congratulations to condolences.

mini marathon 2013

Why I’m a Better Support System Than a Runner

We all have things that we’re good at or that we enjoy doing, and I’m blessed to be in a partnership where our strengths compliment each other. Young people are told to find someone with common interests and hobbies in a mate; I say balderdash. Sure, you can have some common interests, but what you MORE »

depression and the media

Hey Sad Depressed Lady, What’s the Deal?

Whether you’re the sad depressed person, or it’s someone you love — Casey shares her personal experience with depression in hopes to help another.

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