Simple Ways to Make Breakfast the Happiest Meal of the Day

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For someone who isn’t a natural in the kitchen, when I make breakfast in particular, I certainly have learned how to make it fun; for myself and my kids. If there is ever a way I can infuse what I’m serving up with a little extra love or with a shiny happy face, I’ll do it. Heart and faces are some of my favorite expressions to share with my kids whether it’s for breakfast, dessert or anything in between.

Our weekday morning routine is pretty solid in its structure and schedule, and although I don’t have tons of time for a fancy breakfast, that doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy, yummy and fun. As a matter of fact, the ingredients of our family favorites (shapes, sizes, colors & textures) make for the perfect creative tools for the most happy meals of the day.

Don’t get me wrong here; I’m not talking recipes. I’m merely talking about how I choose to plate our breakfast foods in a way that greets my girls with a happy face. I don’t point out these faces. I just wait to see if they notice, which they almost always do. I figure starting with a smile is the best way to start.

Here are a few recent favorites from our morning meals.

  • Hello Happy 1 of 10

    This scrambled smile was simple to create using a whole wheat pita bread stuffed with scrambled eggs. Gummy vitamin make great eyes!

  • A Cheesy Hello 2 of 10

    One little twist on a smile, this face is more about the element of surprise. Cheese melted on a bagel, again with the gummy vitamin eyes.

  • Open up Those Peeper 3 of 10

    I found this face quite by accident - all this is, is a hard boiled egg. I plated it just like this and my kids thought it was hilarious.

  • Premade Face 4 of 10

    I have had this plate for years and only recently realized that it makes the perfect face, especially when you fill it to accentuate it's features. Scrambled egg sandwich for the eyes and applesauce for the big grin.

  • All Smiles 5 of 10

    This greeted my daughter one morning before I poured her a full bowl.

  • All Ears 6 of 10

    Perhaps you can't find a literal smile, but that doesn't mean you can't make a smile with other shapes. Hidden Mickeys always make my kid's day. This is a plate of 3 thin bagels. 1 with butter and 2 with Justin's Hazelnut spread.

  • Follow your Heart 7 of 10

    Another way to spread morning cheer is with lots of love. Using heart shapes is the perfect way to do it! This is one simple breakfast favorite at my house. Want the recipe? You know you do.

  • Good Morning Sunshine 8 of 10

    I try to get protein into my kids whenever I can. Cheese on toast, pitas, bagels, and even crackers. To make them smile, just get creative with how you put it on your plate. This sunshine is the perfect breakfast or after school snack!

  • Here’s Looking at You 9 of 10

    My kids have been known to send back a smile on occasion.  Here's how one breakfast's leftovers came back to the kitchen sink. 2 strawberries and the edge of an English muffin. Aw!

  • Seeing Smiles 10 of 10

    Once you start making smiles, you'll start seeing them. Everywhere. I can think of no better pursuit than the pursuit of happiness.


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