Six Great Ways to Promote Positivity

I will be the first to admit that it’s super easy to get bogged down and let the little things bring you down. Someone cuts you off in traffic? Supremely annoying but you can move on. You walk into a public restroom only to realize that you’re stranded with no toilet paper, what the heck? That really leaves you in a bit of a predicament, ammiright?


There will always be mean people in the world. But let me tell you a little secret: it shouldn’t affect your ability to be nice. There are little things that you can incorporate into your daily routine that will have a big impact on the universe. You never know how your one small act may change a person’s entire mood. Let’s commit to being better human beings.

Positivity, it’s something we can all get behind.

  • 1. If you’re in a public restroom and you use up all of the toilet paper, tell an employee. 1 of 6

    Better yet, if you see the extra rolls stacked up, take one and get it set up for the next person. Crazy, right?

  • 2. Let someone merge into your lane. 2 of 6

    You know when you're driving and you see that poor soul trying to change lanes because he's behind a bus? And you all zip by while he waits patiently, with his signal flashing…to no avail? Stop that. And a friendly wave is always appreciated.

  • 3. While in line at your local coffee shop, buy the patron behind you a cup of joe. 3 of 6

    It's a small act of kindness, but it goes a LONG way.

  • 4. Talk to someone you might not normally pay attention to. 4 of 6

    Make small talk with the fellow to your left waiting for the light to change, the person taking your ticket in the parking garage, the fruit cart vendor, the man shuffling his feet in the elevator… Talk to them, connect with them..the universe will thank you.

  • 5. Wait patiently. 5 of 6

    I know that it's hard. Sometimes it's nearly impossible. But when you're in a line that is moving impossibly slowly, take a deep breath and just wait.

  • 6. Do something nice for someone without expecting anything in return. 6 of 6

    Nothing at all. Now try doing that at least once a day.

Article Posted 2 years Ago
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