So You Regret Naming Your Baby Taquila? Gee, I Wonder Why!


I could talk about baby names all day long. Despite having our personal maximum of two children, I still love to think about the beautiful names that are on my list, names like Chase, Emeline, Sean, and Annaliese.

One of my favorite blogs to read is Swistle: Baby Names, a blog where readers can request assistance with naming their unborn children. Swistle and her readers then discuss the pros and cons of each name such as the probability for teasing based on the name, nickname possibilities, avoiding unfortunate acronyms made from the first, middle, and last names, and the viability of unusual name choices. It’s so much fun! Most of the names discussed are perfectly lovely choices, but occasionally there are a few that are just too far out there, names that seem like they’d cause nothing but trouble for a kid throughout their childhood through adulthood.

It’s those unusual name choices that may be causing a rise in baby name regret. Well, duh, right?

Celebrities are some of the worst name offenders out there. Pilot Inspektor? Bronx Mowgli? Sage Moonblood?  Do their parents regret their name choice?

There’s a little girl from my first grade class that I think about a lot, especially since I love talking about baby names. Her name was Taquila, spelled with an “a” instead of an “e,” but STILL. Taquila, tequila, tomato, tomah-to.  Believe me, I want to tread lightly here, I know that naming children is a very personal decision and it’s really not my business to say whether a name choice is right or wrong, BUT.

What were her parents thinking by naming their beautiful baby girl after a Mexican liquor sometimes known for having WORM inside the bottle!? The name Taquila just doesn’t seem to set a child up for success, but rather for a life of hardship-or you know, hard alcohol.

What does a name say about who you’ll grow up to be? Maybe it’s unfair, but we’re all judged somewhat by our names, especially in terms of first impressions. I’d be surprised if my surgeon introduced herself as Taquila.  “Hi, my name is Dr. Taquila Cutsalot. I’ll be operating on you today.” What if your child’s Kindergarten teacher introduced themselves as Moxie Crimefighter or Blanket? At least with a name like Blanket, you could rest assured that your little Kindergartener will be safe and warm with Blanket. No? Maybe not.

Obviously, not every person with an unusual name goes on to have a terrible life.  Take Marijuana Pepsi.  She’s a divorced mother of a son named Isaac (totally normal name!), a college graduate, and as of 2009 worked as a college counselor. She overcame her drug-influenced name, and even prefers to be called Marijuana rather than Mary or Mary Jane.

My husband and I thought a lot about the names we chose for our children and we have no baby name regret. We wanted to give them names that wouldn’t cause them problems growing up, from being made fun of or being passed over for job interviews. I feel like the names we gave them won’t hold them back from their dreams, whether they want to become a doctor, teacher, artist, or plumber.

What do you think? Do you regret the name your chose for your child?

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