So You Think You Can Dance: Disney Story Style


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The plan was to go swimming yesterday, but Mother Nature took care of that.

So we decided to have our fun inside a la a little something I’ve decided to call So You Think You Can Dance: Disney Story Style.

The contest came courtesy of some super-cheap game Caroline picked up years ago that plugs right into your TV. But the frame for this memory came courtesy of a great new app — Disney Story.

Here’s what went down:

The kids claimed they could wax me in their little Dance contest deal, obviously oblivious of the torched parquets left in my (electric-slide-influenced) wake during the mid to late 90s. Simply put, I was money on the dance floor.

But how would I hold up against my kids?

Thanks to Disney Story, I have the entire tale for you here. Check it out:

Not bad, right? In all seriousness, we had a blast, and my peeps have loved their story. In the meanwhile, remember — you can tell your own story, too! Download the Disney Story app for FREE on iTunes!!

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