Songs, Crafts & Games 15+ Ways Pre School Wins!

It’s our last year in preschool and I’m trying to savor it. My youngest son just started a pre-k class. Next year he’ll be off to Kindergarten (someone will have to hold me!).

I’m really going to miss preschool. For more than a decade now, I have always had a kid in preschool. I love it there. Preschool (and our current preschool in particular) is the BEST. All the other schools have a lot to learn from it. Preschool is a special place. It’s full of ideals that possibly crumble in the real world. Possibilities that possibly get knocked down like bowling pins with the years passing by.

“I don’t want to leave preschool. I’m not ready for the real world!” I’ve heard that from each of my kids as they passed that Kindergarten milestone. When they visit their younger siblings I see the wistful gleam in their eyes. “Mommy I wish I was still in preschool”.

Me too kid… Me too. It’s not that I don’t want you to grow up. I just don’t ever want learning to stop being fun. I don’t want you to stop being celebrated for the unique person you are. I don’t want you to stop loving that, your quirky cool you-ness. I don’t want you to believe you have to conform, that there’s only one right way to do things.

I want people to be nice and learn not to hit, with words or hands. I want teachers to you ask how you feel and send me a note when you’ve had a tough day. I want you to sit in a circle of friends, on a soft carpet, sunlight streaming through the windows and a song playing.

I want there to be snacks – endless supplies of fish crackers and apple juice should you encounter a sugar low. I want there to be hugs and high fives. Playdough. Popsicle sticks and pom poms.

These are the things I’ll miss when we’re done. The “best” things about preschool and the many reasons why, when it comes to school, I think that preschool wins!

  • Cubbies Rock 1 of 18
    Cubbies Rock
    Lockers may be cool but they are so closed off and have a tendency to stink. Cubbies are like an art gallery of individuality waiting to happen. There's also something inherently reassuring about looking across the room and seeing your stuff there, waiting for you.
  • You Rock 2 of 18
    You Rock
    When I look at the pictures that my son and his classmates drew of themselves it strikes me how different they all are. Nobody has learned to copy yet. They are all so busy being themselves and that is a wonderful thing.
  • Snacks Rock 3 of 18
    Snacks Rock
    This was the back to school spread for parents at preschool this year. You don't get this kind of food in a public highschool, trust me. In preschool the kids get treated to healthy snacks every day and the parents get treated too!
  • Mommy Rocks 4 of 18
    Mommy Rocks
    When your child is in preschool you are the bomb, mom. They will sing songs about you, write poems to you, and craft crowns and necklaces for you. All with unabashed love and enthusiasm.
  • Glue, Scissors and Paper Rock 5 of 18
    Glue, Scissors and Paper Rock
    What will we make today? Preschool is a never ending opportunity to craft and create without censorship. It's about process, not product.
  • Feelings Rock (sometimes…) 6 of 18
    Feelings Rock (sometimes...)
    I love the way preschools have a sign in sheet for you to leave a note for the teacher. L had a tummyache last night, he might be a little tired today or F has a song he wanted to tell you about. Communication is an essential part of relationships. Relationships foster learning.
  • Sharing Rocks 7 of 18
    Sharing Rocks
    When your child is in elementary, middle, and high school you will undoubtedly get lists of the items that they are asked NOT to bring to school. Sharing is not such a major part of other school experiences. But who doesn't like to show off their favorite stuff?
  • Dress Up Rocks 8 of 18
    Dress Up Rocks
    Costumes in the classroom? Heck yeah! Dress up probably only comes once a year once your kid is out of preschool. It makes it so much harder to choose a costume. Life was simpler when we could be something different everyday!
  • Birthday Crowns Rock 9 of 18
    Birthday Crowns Rock
    Birthdays are a BIG DEAL. Celebrating them is important in preschool. Some elementary schools will do something special for them but it's hit or miss. Keep making those crowns at home or get a special birthday hat.
  • Naps Rock 10 of 18
    Naps Rock
    Sometimes you just need a siesta. That's cool in preschool
  • Making a Mess Rocks 11 of 18
    Making a Mess Rocks
    Mudpies, Sand Castles, Finger Painting, Water Tables... All of these are messy hands on activities. Coming home bedraggled from preschool is a badge of honor. Coming in from recess that way in grade school, might get you sent to the office.
  • Being Silly Rocks 12 of 18
    Being Silly Rocks
    Seriously, being serious is over rated. Remember that time you had fun? Yep. Remember that time you were bored? Nope.
  • Being a Star Rocks 13 of 18
    Being a Star Rocks
    Every preschool we've sent our kids to takes a day to celebrate them. Star of the week, Friend of the Week, Shabbat Star... it all adds up to an opportunity to celebrate what's unique and special about you. This doesn't happen so much later.
  • Recess Rocks 14 of 18
    Recess Rocks
    Playing outside is a priority in preschool. Fresh air and imaginative playground equipment are essential ingredients to your kid's growth and learning. Somehow they aren't given the same weight in later years, at many schools.
  • Frameable Art Rocks 15 of 18
    Frameable Art Rocks
    The most precious works in my art collection? They are from preschool. There is something about preschool art - the colors and the complete lack of artifice - that make it the best frame-worthy art out there.
  • Toys Rock 16 of 18
    Toys Rock
    In preschool your learning tools (ie: "manipulatives") are toys. Stuff you want to play with. By 2nd or 3rd grade you start to feel like you're being manipulated into playing with an unfun "toy" that's really a thinly veiled learning tool.
  • Hugs Rock 17 of 18
    Hugs Rock
    They just do. Hugs are expected in preschool. They're a little awkward in middle school. I think my 7th grader would die if her history teacher hugged her.
  • Storytime Rocks 18 of 18
    Storytime Rocks
    Sure you read in grade school. Sometimes out loud. But there is a shocking lack of pictures and circle time associated with it. Story time is every day in preschool. Every day! If you're lucky, your teacher does voices.

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