Springtime Tea Party – Yes Indeed!


I can’t stop thinking about how fantastic it would be to throw a proper tea party before our time here in France is over, especially since the flowers are beginning to bloom and everything is so gorgeously green and lush. I can hardly imagine leaving!  I came across this delightful little springtime tea party at The Frosted Petticoat and thought it was the perfect inspiration. If you’ve got a taste for the finer things in life (and don’t mind a macaron or two), you must click through the gallery below.

Start perfecting your pinkie raise, it’s time for tea!


  • Welcome! 1 of 10
    Cutest chalkboard welcome sign I ever did see.
  • Tasty Treats 2 of 10
    Tasty Treats
    Gorgeous cake and pastry stands filled with all kinds of delicate delights. What an appealing table!
  • Pennant Banners 3 of 10
    Pennant Banners
    These little toothpick pennants are such a fun detail.
  • Personal Touches 4 of 10
    Personal Touches
    Lots of personal touches and sweet details make this party special.
  • Perfect Presentation 5 of 10
    Perfect Presentation
    How could one say no to a presentation like this?
  • Welcoming Committee 6 of 10
    Welcoming Committee
    I say yes to bowls of candy, no matter if the rabbit holding them is wearing a bow tie or not.
  • Fine China 7 of 10
    Fine China
    If you ever needed an excuse to bust out the fine china, this is it!
  • Delightful Details 8 of 10
    Delightful Details
    The whole table is so sweet and pretty don't you think?
  • Small Guests Welcome! 9 of 10
    Small Guests Welcome!
    Don't be afraid to invite the little ones, the smallest guests are the ones who appreciate a good tea party best!
  • Macaron? 10 of 10
    The perfect thing to serve your guests.


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