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Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is the host of Parental Discretion on NickMom as well as the author of four books including Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay and Naptime Is the New Happy Hour. She also hosts the podcast For Crying Out Loud.


9 Signs You’re Done Having Babies

Are you somewhere between pretty sure you’re done having babies and getting-your-tubes-tied-sure you’re done having babies? Well speaking as a woman with tied tubes, I’ve come up with a list of signs that you are probably totally and completely done having kids. But here’s the thing: I’m not a licensed clinical psychologist. Have I practiced MORE »


Is Parenting Making Us Fat?

You’ve heard of pregnancy weight, but what about parenting weight? It’s not the pounds you put on carrying a baby for 9 months but the weight you gain after you get home and start being a full-on parent. It’s no secret that kids don’t have the most sophisticated palate (unless they belong to Gwyneth Paltrow). Even MORE »


The Most Annoying Christmas Songs (Every Year)

During this time of year, my family and I love to pile into the minivan and drive to Candy Cane Lane which is a neighborhood where there is some sort of law on the books that you have to pimp out your house with over-the-top crazy Christmas decorations. One of the houses makes it’s entire MORE »


10 Reasons You May Not Be Able to Breastfeed

A ton of us who have newborns intend to breastfeed. I mean at this point in time you’d have to live on the moon to have not heard about all the benefits; breastfeeding will stave off disease, obesity and judgmental looks. And of course breast fed babies are ready for Ivy league schools by 6th MORE »


Mom Conversations That Make Me Want To Poke My Eyes Out

There are certain mom conversations that come up time and time again that make me want to poke my eyes out with a sharp stick. Here’s the thing: when it comes to my friends, most topics are not off limits. But if  I’m just hanging out with parents I don’t know -like at a kid’s MORE »


10 Ways My Life Is Better Since I Quit Drinking

I quit drinking over four-and-a-half years ago. I knew one day that I was done, and so I asked for some help and with that support, I’ve stayed done. For awhile I talked about it a lot. I went on TV, talked to newspapers, brought it up at the neighborhood BBQ. It was just so MORE »


11 Bad Reasons To Have Another Baby

Writing my last post about what not to say to moms with one kid got me thinking about my decision to have a second baby. After I had my first I was pretty sure I was “one and done.” And by pretty sure, I mean not sure at all for one week — a week MORE »


7 Tips To Not Screw Up Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day that some people actually dread. Sometimes our best intentions are not recognized, people are not on their best behavior, or people start out on their best behavior but soon all efforts crumble into a pile of insults and some bad indigestion followed by a little football. Let’s change that up this MORE »

Elby Boards the Milk Train

Parenting Advice That Will Kill Your Self-Esteem

Ever gotten a bit of passive-aggressive parenting advice that felt more like you got a  jab in the kidneys with an X-Acto knife (also isn’t it funny that kidneys is spelled the way I just spelled it and not with an “ies” the way it should be)? Is it possible that I’m too easily annoyed? MORE »


10 Things You Shouldn’t Say To a Mom of One Kid

I am a mom of three girls, and I often hear the question, “So… are you going to try for a boy?” which I think is absolutely insane for about thirty different reasons. Obviously I won’t be “trying for a boy” anytime ever because a) I’m 47, b) My tubes are tied, c) I don’t MORE »

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