10 Top Summer Hair Trends: West Coast



With summer here, we’re all about low key, beach easy, hippie cool hair on the west coast. Braids, messy buns, and flowing natural curls with the focus on an effortless, chic result. Keep reading to see the top summer hair trends this year for the west coast!

  • Short beach waves hair 1 of 10
    Short beach waves hair
    The west coast is all about beach and laid back looks this summer, like these perfect beach waves tucked under a cool hat.
    Check out this look right here at Sidewalk Ready
  • Braided Chignon 2 of 10
    Braided Chignon
    For a fancier evening event, this braided chignon is that perfect mix of laid back beach chick and chic fashionista.
    Check out this look right here at Camille Styles
  • Braided Crown Braid 3 of 10
    Braided Crown Braid
    With bangs especially, this messy gorgeous look is perfect for an evening date or wedding. Love the casual yet sophisticated look of it!
    Check out this look right here at Treasure and Travels
  • Head Scarf 4 of 10
    Head Scarf
    The perfect beach hair accessory is the head scarf. Love the knotted way she wraps hers too.
    Check out this look right here at Keiko Lynn
  • knotted-ponytail 5 of 10
    Super chill, cool ponytail on the side is a nice nod to the 80s (which are baaaack my friends).
    Check out this look right here at The Beauty Dept
  • Messy Ponytail 6 of 10
    Messy Ponytail
    Messy yet so so fashionable. Even better with ombre tips...
    Check out this look right here at Cup of J
  • Quick Big Bun 7 of 10
    Quick Big Bun
    A quick big bun has been hot on the fashion scene for a while now but she adds a trick you need to know!
    Check out this look right here at Cotton and Curls
  • Side Braid 8 of 10
    Side Braid
    Little House on the Prairie meets beach babe. Perfect hippie combination!
    Check out this look right here at A Beautiful Mess
  • The Perfect Curl 9 of 10
    The Perfect Curl
    For summery locks like you just stepped off the beach, here are some tips to create the perfect curl.
    Check out this look right here at Say Yes to Hoboken
  • Twisted Messy Bun 10 of 10
    Twisted Messy Bun
    Twisted. Messy. Yet totally hot. That sums up summer hair for the west!
    Check out this look right here at Join the Mood

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